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All 18 Masters’ Favorite Presents in Street Fighter 6

Keep them sweet.

Street Fighter 6 Gifts

The World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 brings RPG elements to the legendary fighting series, with quests and NPCs to form bonds with. As you explore, you’ll meet 18 masters who teach you different moves. These masters are the roster’s main fighters, each with distinct styles and personalities. The best way to increase your bond with these masters is to give them gifts, which can be acquired from merchants.

Each master has a specific gift they prefer. Sure, you can give any gift to a master and still increase your bond by two points — but you’ll want to give them the specific presents they like to earn five Bond Points instead.

Approach a master and select the “Gifts” option to give them a present.


You can acquire gifts by completing quests, purchasing them from vendors, and by simply finding them around the world. Make sure to open up the Items menu and tab over to Other to see all the gifts you have available. Once you’ve acquired a gift you’d like to give, head over to the master and you’ll see a “Gift” option. All the available gifts will appear here.

Maxing out a bond with a particular master also earns you their alternate costume. This is noteworthy, as the only other way to earn alternate costumes is to purchase them. Keep in mind, you need to reach bond level 100 to maximize your relationship with a master, which means you’ll need to give them at least 20 of their favorite gifts.

Below is a list of each master’s favorite gifts and where to acquire them.

Street Fighter 6 Best Gifts

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes! Check out the Other tab within the Items menu to see what you have to give.



Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll: Bathers Beach (Jamaica)


Jellied Eel: Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica)


Canned Herring: Shopkeeper Dora (Nayshall)

Dee Jay

Lukewarm Beer: Ranger's Hut Merchant (Brazil)


Instant Curry (Ultra Mild): Shopkeeper Tsanpa (Nayshall)

E. Honda

Rubber Duckies: Colosseo Merchant (Italy)


Natto: Genbu Temple Merchant (Japan)


We recommend waiting until after you’ve completed the World Tour story to begin spending cash on gifts, as you will likely accumulate many throughout your playthrough.


Bao Bao Bro Sticker: Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica)


Antique Playing Cards: Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica)


Wrench: Dhlasimer Temple Merchant (India)


Cookbook: Thunderfoot Settlement Merchant (Mexico)


The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love: Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica)


Celery Chips: Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica)


Some masters like books, others enjoy food, and some prefer random objects.


Red Elevator 8: Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica)


Beaujolais: Bather's Beach Merchant (Jamaica)


Cold Tomato Soup: Fete Foraine Merchant (France)


Instant Soba: Udon Shop Merchant (Metro City)


Wooden Bear: Barmaley Steelworks Merchant (Russia)

Street Fighter 6 is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC now.

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