How to unlock all 4 endings in Shin Megami Tensei V

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Shin Megami Tensei V endings.

The Shin Megami Tensei series is all about the struggle between order and chaos. In the end, it’s up to you to decide how it concludes. Each game in the series has featured multiple endings, usually one for each of the two alignments, as well as a neutral ending. But Shin Megami Tensei V also includes a secret fourth ending that takes a bit of work to unlock.

You’ll be locked into a specific ending after you defeat a boss at the end of the Temple of Eternity and answer a decisive question. Depending on the route you take, there are some exclusive quests and Miracles that you can unlock in the final area of the game, the Empyrean. Here’s everything you need to do to see all four endings in Shin Megami Tensei V.

Warning: Shin Megami Tensei V spoilers ahead.

SMT 5 Order Ending

By selecting “I will uphold God’s Order,” you’ll follow the typical order route in the series, aligning with Dazai and Abdiel. Here, humanity only needs to devote themselves to God in order to lead prosperous lives. However, they lose all individuality.

In this route, if the smaller dialogue choices you made throughout the game align with the ideology (like speaking highly of God or the concept of order), then you’ll earn the Miracle Rank Violation. This allows you to fuse demons above your own level.


Additionally, Herald Abdiel is unlocked for fusion immediately after entering the Empyrean, but you get this after beating the game no matter which ending you choose.

The two exclusive quests in this route are Maria’s “Compassionate Queen” and Melchizedek’s “The Seraph’s Return.”

SMT 5 Chaos Ending

By selecting, “I will recreate the world and save Tokyo,” you have aligned with the chaos route, along with Koshimizu and Atsuta. The world will be ruled by multiple gods, and humanity is allowed to think for themselves on who to worship, but it leads to constant conflict.

In this route, if the smaller dialogue choices you made throughout the game align with the ideology, then you’ll earn the Miracle Inheritance Violation, which allows a demon’s starting skills to be overwritten when they are fused.


As an exclusive perk for this ending, Koshimizu’s demon partner, Hayataro, joins your party and is unlocked for fusion as well.

The two exclusive quests for this route are Maria’s “The Wrathful Queen” and Belial’s “The Red Dragon’s Invitation.”

SMT 5 Neutral Ending

By selecting, “I will destroy the throne,” you side with neither order or chaos and seek the neutral option, aligning with Nuwa and Yakumo. Here, the world is not recreated, and humanity is left to fend for itself against the demons while the Nahobino watches from afar.

This ending route doesn’t provide you with as many rewards as the other two. The only exclusive for this route is Maria’s quest, “The Noble Queen.”


SMT 5 Secret Ending

The hidden ending for the game requires you to complete some unique sidequests before ascending to the Empyrean at the end. It’s possible, though difficult, to clear this route without using a New Game Plus save file. If you want to see the fourth ending, you must clear a specific list of 8 sidequests before defeating Metatron at the Temple of Eternity.

Amanozako’s questline:

  • “A Power Beyond Control”
  • “The Destined Leader”

Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s questline:

  • “The Falcon’s Head”
  • “Fionn’s Resolve”

Khonsu’s questline:

  • “The Egyptians’ Fate”
  • “Winged Sun”
  • “The Succession of Ra”

Shiva’s questline:

  • “A Universe in Peril”

Only one of the side quests is missable, and that one is “The Succession of Ra.” When doing “The Egyptians’ Fate” side quest, make sure to spare Khonsu’s life after defeating him. Otherwise, “The Succession of Ra” will not appear and you will be locked out of the hidden ending.

“A Universe in Peril” requires you to defeat Shiva, who is the game’s superboss. Shiva is located in the portal behind Vasuku after you beat him as part of story progression. You also have to be at least level 80 to enter the portal.


After fulfilling the requirements, proceed to challenge Metatron at the Temple of Eternity. After defeating him, proceed into the Empyrean by selecting the choice, “I will destroy the throne.”

Go through the final area of the game as normal. However, when you defeat Herald Abdiel, Nuwa should appear right behind you and tell you about what she and Yakumo were planning to do all along, which is to recreate the world for humanity only. If you do not get this cutscene, then you did not meet the requirements for the hidden fourth ending.

When you reach the throne room, you now have the option to stick with the regular “destroy the throne” ending or pick the new “create a world for humanity alone” choice. Of course, the latter option leads to the hidden fourth ending.

Your actions will erase demons and gods from the fabric of existence, with the protagonist and all of his classmates enjoying life together. However, can a world without them truly exist? While the ending itself is a happy (and seemingly canon) one, the final shot provokes some questions.

Shin Megami Tensei V is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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