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How to change clothes and get new outfits in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

To be a fashion master is your destiny

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl are officially live, taking players back to the Sinnoh region to start a brand-new monster-catching adventure with some beloved starters. Most of the games’ key features remain similar to the 2006 originals, and this is true with regard to clothing and outfits as well. Have you downloaded the free Platinum Style outfit but aren’t sure how to change into it? You’re not alone. Below, we’ll explain how to change clothes in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond.

How to change clothes in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

While the games’ pre-order and early purchase materials made a pretty big deal about that free Platinum Style Outfit awarded to early adopters of the remakes, unfortunately, you’ll have to be about halfway through the main campaign to access it. Rather than being an easily accessible option from an options menu, trainer customization is limited to the Metronome Style Shop located in Veilstone City. You can see the location marked on the map below. It’s the hub of the third gym players encounter in the game.

To change clothes head to the Metronome Style Shop located in Veilstone City

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Once you’re there, talk to the lady behind the counter and select “change my style.” If you don’t have any outfits to wear beyond the default Everyday Style, you can buy one by selecting “I’d like to shop” instead. The outfits range from $8,500 to $120,000 and offer no in-game benefit, however, so we’re not sure why anyone would opt to pay for one unless they were truly flush with in-game cash. You’ll need to come here each time you aim to swap.

Inside the Metronome Style Shop, talk to the lady behind the counter.

Nintendo/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

How to get the Platinum Style Outfit for free

While many trainers might assume the Platinum Style Outfit was a pre-order bonus, it’s actually unlockable to anyone who boots a copy of either game between launch day and February 21, 2022.

To get it you must unlock the Mystery Gift feature by going to the third floor of the TV studio in Jubilife City after getting your first badge and battling the Team Galactic members nearby. Talk to the producer in the area with the yellow floor, and tell him you’d like to help with future programming. When he asks which programs you like, choose “EVERYONE HAPPY WI-FI CONNECTION.”

You can now access Mystery Gift right next to the options menu. Select “get via Internet” and agree to connect. The outfit will be listed as “clothing gift.” You may also see a “Manaphy egg gift” there too. That’s all you need to know about changing clothes in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl.

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