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You only have a few days left to get this odd masterpiece on Switch for $10

Cue Megalovania.

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Many of the most celebrated role-playing games involve sprawling open-worlds or thousands of online players that can be encountered at any moment. But September 15 marks the five-year anniversary of an indie title that broke every AAA convention yet to become one of the most beloved RPGs of the decade. To celebrate, the game is being sold on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $9.99 — but you'll have to act fast.

Undertale turns five on Tuesday and it will be available for $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop until September 22. That's 33 percent off its $14.99 base price, so there's never been a better time to give the cult-classic indie game a shot.

The title was the brainchild of developer Toby Fox who made a majority of the game on his own and released it in September 15, 2015. The quirky retro aesthetic is heavily influenced by Nintendo's trippy Earthbound series, and its battling mechanics are reminiscent of many 8-bit arcade games, like Asteroids.

Undertale puts gamers in the baggy striped sweater of Frisk, a child who has fallen into a magical dimension below the Earth's surface known as the Underground. As Frisk, players are tasked with venturing back home to the surface world, and during their journey, they encounter a host of different monsters they need to either pacify or subdue.

Like any great RPG, the decisions you make when it comes to dealing with the creepy creatures and odd entities you meet in the Underground greatly affect Undertale's outcome. Except Undertale takes a more meaningful approach to morality by giving you the option of being a pacifist if you want to.

No one monster in 'Undertale' is similar to the next.

Toby Fox

There are three main endings to Undertale, but there are 93 possible variations to these conclusions.

That means your first couple of playthroughs can be completely different if you commit to doing something different each time. Each monster you encounter will have its own personality and unique look, which should hint at whether it's best to talk or battle your way out of the situation.

Combat is primarily a dodging mini-game where players control a small heart icon inside of a box and need to carefully avoid any obstacles that appear. While the battle mechanics remain constant for the entire game, the abilities of each monster you meet are so vastly different that no one boss fight feels the same.

'Undertale's unique art style is complemented by a 77-song soundtrack.

Toby Fox

That's in large part thanks to the music that brings the pixelated, dimensional world of Undertale to life.

Fox revealed in an interview that more than 90 percent of the game's 77-song soundtrack was composed specifically for the indie game's release. Many of its tracks have become modern gaming anthems, like "Megalovania" that's heard during the boss battle with Sans the skeleton.

Undertale was recieved as an interactive masterpiece by critics and fans alike upon its release, and it remains widely beloved. Fox's ambitious undertaking served as proof that indie titles can still put AAA games to shame when it comes to the sheer creative freedom independent developers can afford to take with their work. So if ever there was a good way to spend $10 on the Nintendo eShop, it's in buying Undertale this week.

Undertale is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $9.99 until September 22.

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