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3 best Nintendo Switch controllers for small hands

Sometimes smaller is better.

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Nintendo Switch controllers can be hard to use if you're afflicted with small hands, creating difficulty in just getting your fingers to the proper buttons. If Nintendo's official controllers aren't giving you what you need then it might just be time to look at some third-party controllers. We've gathered three controllers that can make gaming comfortable again for even those with the micro-est of mitts. If you have larger sized hands, these controllers can be extremely portable as well, making it easy to play with friends.

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8Bitdo SF30 Pro

Harkening back to the SNES controllers of yesteryear, the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro improves on them immensely by adding analog sticks and other modern features. When it's in your hands, the controller will fill a bit closer to those found on other consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, but it's better. Every button is tightly packed, allowing for easy clicking from one button to the next. Despite being a third-party handheld, you can still use it with motion controls and there's a rumble feature for you to enjoy. Also, if you're sick of shoddy controllers on PC and Mobile, you can connect the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro to those too! Big hands or small, this is one of the best controllers on the market.

J&TOP Mini Wireless Controller

This one is a tiny fellow that tries its absolute best. This controller apes the Wii pro controller in shape while smushing in all the features it can in one teeny package. Unlike the other controllers on this list, this one includes amiibo support and every tertiary button you'll need on the Nintendo Switch. The space management here is so good that they even found room to throw in a turbo button for good measure, cause why not? The grips are also textured, so it can't fly right out of your hands, into a TV. This is the best controller if you're looking for an all-rounder to relieve your tiny hand ails.

8Bitdo Zero 2 Bluetooth Mini Controller

Imagine yourself in a Nintendo executive's audience, pleading for a tiny controller, but with each request they ask you if that's the tiniest you can go, urging you to suggest a tinier controller. When you finally stop, you're handed the tiniest controller you've ever seen, but it's somehow perfect? That's the Zero 2 Mini Controller.

This is the tiniest controller around, you'll never have any issues regarding your tiny hands with this one. However, it might cramp your larger mitted friends' hands – It's really just that small. Luckily, this also means you can take it literally anywhere. The Zero 2 is designed to fit right on your keychain, making it perfect for taking to friends' houses and using it as your tool when you see somebody playing Smash Bros. in the wild. You can purchase it in three fun colors, matching the Nintendo Switch Lite's optional schema.

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