7 new indie games you can play on Nintendo Switch right now

Nintendo's August 2020 Indie World presentation had several fantastic surprise-releases.

While it was not a full-fledged Nintendo Direct, a new Indie World presentation on August 18 showcased a number of exciting new indie games from smaller developers that are coming to Nintendo Switch soon. In fact, 6 games and 1 demo featured in the presentation launched on the same day as the presentation. They're now on the eShop, and in some cases, they're at discounted prices.

If you're looking for some new indie games to kill some time with during quarantine, you should definitely check out A Short Hike and these 6 other games from Indie World now available on Nintendo Switch.

7. Spiritfarer

You might remember Spiritfarer from Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference when it was first revealed. This beautiful-looking platformer and management game hybrid is from Thunder Lotus Games, the studio behind titles like Jotun and Sundered. The game follows Stella, a ferry master whose main role is to help guide spirits into the afterlife.

This tender-hearted story seems pretty emotional while still scratching that management sim and platforming itch. Spirtfarer is available now on Nintendo Switch for $29.99 and will also come to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia at a later date.

6. Hypnospace Outlaw Demo

Hypnospace Outlaw embraces the look and feel of the early internet.

No More Robots

While Hypnospace Outlaw doesn't come out on consoles until August 27, a free demo is available on Nintendo Switch starting August 18. A game that should feel immediately familiar to '90s kids, Hypnospace Outlaw tasks players with moderating an alternate version of the early internet called the Hynospace, which was created by a company called Merchantsoft.

It's a bit of a weird concept but very enthralling, especially if you remember the early days of the internet. While it probably feels more natural to play on a PC, where it's already available, you can see how the console version works in this free demo today.

5. Takeshi & Hiroshi

Takeshi & Hiroshi was originally an Apple Arcade game.

Oink Games

Takeshi & Hiroshi has an extremely cute concept that will probably mean a lot to anyone that has a close relationship with a sibling. It follows a young aspiring game developer named Takeshi as he creates a video game for his younger brother Hiroshi. The game sports a spiffy claymation-like art style when showing the brothers interact. When Takeshi is working, it has more a more hand-drawn look to it.

As Hiroshi plays the game, you'll have to adjust the difficulty and what enemies your brother faces. The goal is the make it fun and rewarding for your brother, but not too difficult. Originally an Apple Arcade exclusive, Takeshi & Hiroshi is now available on Nintendo Switch for a discounted price of $8.09.

4. Raji: An Ancient Epic

If you like learning about foreign cultures and religions, then Raji: An Ancient Epic will definitely be of interest to you. Created by Nodding Head Games, Raji is an isometric action-adventure game set during ancient times in India. It shows off the culture, religion, and history of the country in a more fantastical way, drawing mainly from Hindu and Balinese mythology.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is actually a timed console exclusive for Nintendo Switch, though it will also be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One eventually. It costs $24.99 normally but is now discounted to $22.49.

3. Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden will be the most trippy puzzle game you play this year

William Chyr

A mind-bending puzzle game created by William Chyr over several years, Manifold Garden has players solve a variety of puzzles by manipulating gravity and navigating through a world that looks like it came right out of an M.C. Esher painting.

Manifold Garden was originally released for iOS and PC last year but is now available for $19.99 on Nintendo Switch.

2. Evergate

Evergate is a new platformer with strong Ori and the Blind Forest vibes to it.

Stone Latern Games

Evergate is a new game that was both revealed and released during the Indie World presentation. Evergate is a 2D platformer that gives off Ori and the Blind Forest vibes and has a special form of navigation. Instead of just moving around normally, players use the Soulflame on special crystals to launch themselves around levels.

As for the story, Evergate follows a childlike spirit named Ki as it navigates the afterlife. As Ori and the Will of the Wisps isn't on Nintendo Switch, this game should be appealing to those that have beaten the first game on Switch and are looking for something in the same vein, even if Evergate has some key differences. While the game will normally cost $19.99, it is discounted to $16.99 on the eShop right now.

1. A Short Hike

A Short Hike was one of the best indie games of 2019.

Adam Robinson-Yu, Whippoorwill

If you play any game shown off in Indie World today, make it A Short Hike.

Surprisingly, this indie game manages to elicit the feeling of playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by basically giving players nearly absolute freedom to explore Hawk Peak Provincial Park as a young bird makes their way to the top of the mountain on the island.

With a heartfelt story at its core, A Short Hike is a very enjoyable and memorable experience your first time through, whether you try to rush straight to the top of the mountain or take the time to explore Hawk Peak and meet all of the interesting animals that live there. The game is already available on PC, but it is now a timed console exclusive on Nintendo Switch. It's only $7.19 on Switch right now too, so there's no reason to pass it up.

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