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How to unlock every reward from Ninjala's Story Mode on hard and normal

Go for gold.

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If you've been swept off your tabi boots by Nintendo's latest free-to-play exclusive, Ninjala, you might also consider taking the plunge by purchasing the story DLC. But if you want to earn every reward, you'll have to do a lot more than merely beat all four story missions offered in Chapter 1.

In Chapter 1, Van's Talel, you need to beat all four DLC episodes and get a gold rating on Hard Mode for your actions to earn every available reward. The requirements to reach Gold can feel increasingly opaque, but in general, you'll want to beat each level as quickly as possible while suffering the least amount of damage. The point count needed for gold seems to be around 70,000 on each level.

How to get gold in the Ninjala Prologue on Hard Mode

The prologue is rather straightforward. You need to focus on being aggressive and swift. Control the battlefield with your binding bubblegum attack (used by pressing LT+A) to keep foes in place, while you pound down on them with attacks. This should get you gold with little issue. Look out for the apple-shaped drones with propeller heads; Destroying one of those will earn you a 1000-point bonus. They can be found on every level and can make the difference between a silver and gold rating.

Apple shaped drone


How to get gold in the Ninjala Episode 1 on Hard Mode

Similar to the prologue, Episode 1 is all about defeating foes in a timely fashion. Again, focus on being aggressive and swift. Control the battlefield using your binding bubblegum attack to keep foes in place, while you pound down on them with attacks. You can start attacking enemies from a fair distance away. Your character will leap towards a target when you press the attack button. This can save you precious seconds on each encounter. Lastly, make sure to save your ultimate gum attack for groups of three or more enemies. This should make the whole ordeal quite doable.

How to get gold in the Ninjala Episode 2 on Hard Mode

This mission is all about stealth. Ideally, you won't get caught by your target, but that doesn't mean you can't defeat other foes along the way. Try to mainly travel using rooftops and runnable walls to avoid being spotted.

Use your binding bubblegum attack often and aggressively attack enemies once they're ensnared. This should be a simple path to victory. Make sure to collect all the yellow orbs that you spot as well, each one is worth 100 points. There aren't as many foes this time around, so this will be a massive boon.

How to get gold in the Ninjala Episode 3 on Hard Mode

This level is about surviving group encounters. You can do this by dividing and conquering groups. When you see three or more enemies, try cornering one before targeting the others. You can also use your binding attack to immobilize a few then run away. The non-bound foes will give chase, effectively allowing you to fight 1-on-1. Of course, do the opposite when you have your ultimate available. When you encounter the stocky yellow enemies, let them charge at you, dodge, then attack. This way you can take minimal damage. As always, look out for the apple-shaped drones for an extra boost.

Your swanky new duds/


How to get gold in the Ninjala Episode 4 on Hard Mode

This will be your first boss fight. It comes in two stages. For the first half, get a few hits in, jump away, dodge, and start attacking again. Repeat this process until the boss has been slain. You can ignore the additional minions the boss summons, they won't be any trouble if you can stay on the move.

For the second half, the boss will grow in size exponentially, forcing you to take different tactics. Stick to the rooftops while you're not attacking, grinding across the bubblegum rails, collecting every 100-point yellow orb you spot. Try to stay as high as you can, dropping down to attack the boss' tongue directly. If you have trouble approaching the boss, transform into your disguise until you can get extremely close.

You'll need to beat the boss before the timer drops to 500, otherwise getting gold will be impossible.

What rewards do you get for completing every Episode in Ninjala on Hard?

For your efforts, you'll be rewarded with six exclusive cosmetic items: Space Ninja Mask, Sparkling Space Ninja, Utsusemi Loco Soda, Loco Soda Cap, Loca Soda Backpack, and Crazy Soda Rampage.

Ninjala is free-to-play on Nintendo Switch.

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