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3 of the best weapons in Ninjala to tear down the competition with

Fight like a Ninja.

If you've run into difficulty playing the lastest Nintendo free-to-play game, Ninjala, you're not alone – it's hard.

Unless your name is Ninja Ned or Shinobi Shiela, understanding the combat can feel impossible at times, but you can make things easier by having the right weapon by your side. Out of all 12 weapons, here are the three best you should wield in battle.

3. Scroll Blade

This weapon is a great place for you to start. The techniques provided by using the Scroll Blade are balanced, letting you dazzle in combat while being prepared for just about anything. You can use the Gum Shoot move on ZR to impede enemy movement with a trio of kunai to hold a foe in place. While your opponent is stopped in their tracks, jump to their location with the Y button technique, thus beginning your assault. It's all quite straightforward.


Even your ultimate move with the Scroll Blade, Piercing Mixer, is a breeze to use. It lets you release a deadly beam that can defeat a foe in seconds. Piercing Mixer can even go through walls, intercepting anyone who tries to escape.

Use this blade to avoid getting cornered.

2. Drill Beast

Yes, the Drill Beast looks wildly out of place in your arsenal, but it's more effective in your hands than on a shelf within Home Depot. Use this to get a nice compromise between health and high attack power. When you activate the ultimate move, Punishing Blade, your sword will grow to a massive size, and the attack power similarly scales to match. You'll have a lot of control over this attack, letting you knock out numerous foes in an extremely brief time span.


Your Y button attack, Here and There, will let you drill underground, emerging with a deadly piercing attack. If that drill attack is successful, you'll even get a small boost in the Y attack cooldown time. With your ZR technique, you can hurl a grenade balloon at a foe, stunning them if it hits.

This is the weapon to use if you aggressively want to defeat everyone in your sights.

1. Ninja Yo-Yo

Ninjas are known to utilize the element of surprise, but weapons in Ninjala are often a bit too ostentatious for that. Fortunately, the Ninja Yo-Yo knows that a good success is a stealthy success. Your ZR move, Gum Shoot, will block your opponent's vision momentarily with two huge balloons. Once the balloons reach your target, they'll trigger a massive explosion.

You can utilize the Yo-Yo's Y button technique, Yo-Yo Leap, to ambush foes with ease. Once activated, you'll warp to a foe's location with a hardy attack. This is a great move for ambushing just about anyone. If you're playing the Battle Royale mode, this will get you a KO more often than not. Additionally, whenever you use warp, your gum shoot cooldown time will speed up a bit. Ninja Yo-Yo boasts the same Piercing Mixer ultimate found on the Scroll Blade, giving you some versatility.


Use the Ninja Yo-Yo if you like ambushing and flanking foes. This the weapon that will catch folks by surprise and possibly win you the match.

Ninjala is currently free-to-play on Nintendo Switch.

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