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Welcome to the city of perpetual rain.

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There’s something very dark academia about this game. Master Detective Archives: Rain Code stars an amnesiac protagonist who enrolls as a trainee detective in the local detective agency. In this rain-filled city, those who investigate crimes are known as “Master Detectives.” Yuma Kokohead just happens to have a stranger background than others ... and an even stranger partner-in-crime. He’s haunted by a spirit called Shinigami, who appears as a floating purple blob or a girl dressed in gothic lolita depending on the moment. How are they related? Well, that’s a mystery itself.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Danganronpa team’s latest visual novel mystery, Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

When Is the Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Release Window?

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Master Detective Archives: Rain Code launches for the Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023.

Is There a Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Trailer?

Meet Yuma, an amnesiac detective who becomes a trainee in a local detective agency. The trailer for Master Detective Archives: Rain Code introduces the young man and his partner, the mysterious and mischievous spirit partner, Shinigami. Rain Code takes place in an unnamed city burdened by never-ending rain and overpowered corporate overlords. How that ties into the mysteries Yuma and his team have to solve has yet to be revealed.

The trailer also showcases gameplay that looks straight out of the Danganronpa series. You can watch for yourself with the video linked in this section.

What Is Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Gameplay Like?

Yuma asking around town for clues.

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If you’re familiar with Danganronpa, then you’re already halfway to understanding how Master Detective Archives: Rain Code works. It seems like there’s more exploration outside of click-and-point gameplay, but examining clues works the same. Yuma walks up to interactable objects in the area and inspects them to see what they could add to the case.

After gathering enough clues, Shinigami opens a portal to another dimension called the Mystery Labyrinth to break down the answer to the case. It’s like the Class Trials in Danganronpa, which serve as a way to hash out the details behind clues and unveil how they tie into the overarching mystery. In this case, Yuma steers himself between different paths in the Labyrinth with multiple-choice questions that hopefully lead toward the right answer.

“No, that’s wrong!”

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Some bosses appear at the end of the dungeons, where Yuma has to fight them with weaponized information. It’s similar to the over-the-top roulette games in Danganronpa, where players shoot “truth bullets” to break through others’ lies. Spike Chunsoft hasn’t revealed the exact mechanics, but there’s an HP bar, weapons, and specials showcased in the trailer.

Who Are the Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Characters?

There are two main factions in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: the World Detective Organization and the Amaterasu Corporation.

World Detective Organization

The World Detective Organization is dedicated to “eradicating the world’s unsolved mysteries,” including the Kanai Ward’s neverending downpour. Each member of the organization has a special ability called a Forensic Forte.

The World Detective Organization already has two trailers introducing its members and their special abilities.

  • Yuma Kokohead (Lucien Dodge) - Forte: Unknown
  • Shinigami (Anjali Kunapaneni) - Forte: Unknown
  • Zilch Alexander - Forte: Animal Investigation
  • Desuhiko Thunderbolt (Khoi Dao) - Forte: Disguise
  • Melami Goldmine (Lauren Landa) - Forte: Spiritism
  • Fubuki Clockford (Xanthe Huynh) - Forte: Time Leap
  • Zange Eraser (Kurt Bicknell) - Forte: Thoughtography
  • Halara Nightmare (Amber Lee Connors) - Forte: Postcognition
  • Aphex Logan (Stephen Fu) - Forte: Life Detection
  • Pucci Lavmin (Lindsay Sheppard) - Forte: Audial Aptitude
  • Vivia Twilight (Aleks Le) - Forte: Spectral Projection
  • Number One (SungWon Cho) - Forte: Unknown

Amaterasu Corporation

The Amaterasu Corporation rules the Kanai Ward and intends on keeping it firmly under its control. Understandably, they have an issue with the World Detective Organization.

  • Seth Burroughs (Landon McDonald)
  • Dominic Fulltank (Kane Jungbluth-Murry)
  • Guillauma Hall (Brenna Larsen)
  • Martina Electro (Jenny Yokobori)
  • Yomi Hellsmile (Howard Wang)

How Is Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Related to Danganronpa?

You could call Master Detective Archives: Rain Code a spiritual successor to Danganronpa. It’s created by the same developers but not connected in any way through the story.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is a collaboration between Spike Chunsoft and Too Kyo Games, a studio founded by Danganronpa developers. The Master Detective Archives: Rain Code development team includes scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka, composer Masafumi Takada, and character designer Rui Komatsuzaki. So, if the murder mystery vibes and bug-eyed character designs seem familiar, that’s why.

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