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Everything you need to know about Justin Roiland’s High on Life

It's a shooter, Morty!

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High on Life is the latest title from Squanch Games, the studio founded by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Just like the studio’s previous game Trover Saves the Universe, High on Life will feature the iconic voice talents of Roiland himself and that same unique brand of humor. What’s interesting this time, however, is that High on Life is a first-person shooter, one where your guns can talk. Here’s everything we know about High on Life.

When is the High on Life release date?

High on Life is currently scheduled to launch on December 12, 2022. During the original announcement, the game was given an October release date, but Squanch Games recently announced a delay saying, “As we work to polish the best possible gaming experience for High on Life, the game’s release date will be moved to December 13, 2022.”

What are the High on Life platforms?

High on Life is an Xbox console exclusive, at least for now. On December 12 the game will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. As you might expect, High on Life will also be on Xbox Game Pass that same day.

Is there a High on Life trailer?

Yes, there are actually quite a few different trailers and videos for High on Life. There’s the reveal trailer and gameplay trailer, but at Gamescom 2022 IGN also released 25 minutes of gameplay from High on Life. If you head to Squanch Games’ official YouTube channel, there are also a few different animated shorts that take place within the universe of High on Life.

What is the High on Life story?

High on Life takes place in an absurd sci-fi universe where humanity has been captured by an alien cartel and used as drugs for aliens. Along the way, you’ll visit a variety of locations, like a jungle paradise or a massive city built inside an asteroid. Here’s the official description from the game’s website,

“Fresh out of high school with no job and no ambition, you’ve really got nothing going on for you until an alien cartel that wants to get high of humanity invades Earth. Now, you and a team of charismatic talking guns must answer the hero’s call and become the deadliest intergalactic bounty hunter the cosmos has ever seen.”

Who is in the High on Life game cast?

One of the main features of High on Life’s story is, of course, the utterly strange talking guns that tend to have filthy mouths, to say the least. On top of Roiland, High on Life will also feature voice acting by the likes of J.B. Smoove, Tim Robinson, Zach Hadel, and Michael Cusack.

What is the High on Life gameplay like?

As a first-person shooter, most of High on Life will revolve around those core shooter mechanics, but there also seems to be a bit of puzzle-solving and platforming built in as well. So far we’ve seen a few different guns from the game. There a basic blue pistol, a red knife that transforms into a sort of grappling hook, a green gatling gun, and a yellow weapon that fires out terrifying little aliens.

The latest gameplay trailer shows off a boss battle that requires the player to dodge beam attacks from the boss and use the grappling hook to fly around the area when the platform disappears. Past shooting and exploration we don’t know much more about High on Life’s gameplay, although the website and Steam page do mention something called “Hunter Challenges.”

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