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How to get the green or purple alien suits in GTA Online for free

Rockstar is joining in on the mayhem. Here's how to get involved with the Purple vs Green war.

A bizarre turf war has split the GTA Online community in half, and now that it's officially gone viral, Rockstar Games is getting involved — by making it easier for everyone to participate.

Players have been dressing their characters in either green or purple alien morphsuits and riding around Los Santos getting into fistfights or shootouts with gamers repping the other color.

The “Alien Gang War” or “Green vs Purple” showdown has become a social media phenomenon across YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. It has gained attention from hundreds of thousands of GTA Online fans who have been partaking or watching clips of these extraterrestrial brawls. It has become so popular that Rockstar Games has jumped on board.

GTA Online users can now get Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits for free until May 13, Rockstar announced on Thursday. "Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits are free in GTA Online all week long," the official tweet reads. "Grab yours and join the fight — available from any clothing store by going to Outfits: Arena War > Bodysuits."

As the tweet says, gamers can pick up their team colors from any of the game’s clothing stores by navigating to the Outfits menu and then selecting Arena War followed by Bodysuits. The company is even throwing in a free Pool Cue that can be claimed from any Ammu-Nation shop to encourage even more chaos.

Considering that GTA Online’s economy is undergoing some severe inflation, these freebies are quite the deal for anyone who wants to get involved with this viral trend but doesn't want to spend the money they were saving for a car on a bodysuit. Popular Rockstar leaker Yan2295 was pleasantly surprised by the announcement and replied to the company on Twitter.

“It's actually awesome that you guys are acknowledging and taking advantage of this whole thing,” he wrote.

Other players weren’t as stoked, however, specifically the ones who spend hundreds of thousands of in-game dollars for the bodysuits before they became free.

“Are you kidding me, I just bought them for 300k,” tweeted @EnderJon_.

How did all of this insanity get started to begin with?

What caused the Green vs. Purple War in GTA Online?

GTA Online is a sprawling open-world sandbox where countless players role-play with their friends on specific servers. Polygon dug up a video from over a year ago of a group of players dressed in green alien suits raiding other players’ lobbies and wreaking havoc. The gag clearly struck a chord with players looking for some chaotic fun, but it wasn’t until late April and early May when terms like “Alien Gang War” or “Green vs Purple” began picking up steam across social media, along with hashtags for #purplealiengang and #greenaliengang.

A mob of green aliens already existed before people began self-isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the recent release of UFO footage by the U.S. Department of Defense appears to have emboldened the purple team to stand up to the rampaging Green team to kick off this viral GTA sensation.

Now that anyone can join in for free, you might as well pick a side and join in on the mayhem. Staying neutral more often than not results in you getting whooped by both sides, at least in the chaotic world of GTA Online.

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