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Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Spices From the West event

Sharing culture through food.

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Xiangling shushing the Traveler

Genshin Impact is slowly introducing the country of Sumeru, which is reportedly the next nation coming to the game. Nazafarin, a spice expert from the country, has come to Liyue to research exotic spices on behalf of her master and bring some culture with her as a result. We’ve already had a couple of hints about Sumeru, including how it’s also a nation with some amount of turmoil, the home of the Dendro element, and a culture based on Southeast Asia. Nazafarin just helps with padding out players’ pockets with some extra perks. Here’s how to complete the Spices From the West event and reap as many of the rewards from it as possible.

How do I unlock the Spices From the West event?

Go to “Event Details” to start cooking.


Go to the Event icon from the main menu and click “Go to Quest” for Spices From the West. It should prompt you to travel to Liyue Harbor and meet Nazafarin at the docks. She explains her reasons for coming from Sumeru and then asks for help creating and testing her seasonings.

You should then have access to the “Event Details” section in the Event menu. Click to see a list of pots with different ingredients behind each one. These will unlock one by one at the start of the event and stay available for completion until June 7. Ingredients range from more elusive ones like Violetgrass to easily obtainable ones like Salt.

Make sure you have enough of each ingredient to complete each recipe three times.

How do I make seasonings in Spices From the West?

Click “Space” when the metronome stops over the ingredient you need.


Mixing spices works like cooking dishes. Time your button presses to the metronome as it passes over the ingredients you need. For example, the above image shows two Peppers and a Lotus Head in the queue. Press the space bar (or the spoon button) as the metronome hovers over the Pepper icon at the bottom of the pot. Clicking at the right time will push the next item in the queue up. After the Pepper comes another Pepper and a Lotus Head, which also need properly timed button presses. You also need to add all these ingredients before the timer goes off.

The little yellow spoons under the pot disappear as time passes. If you add the wrong ingredient or run out of time, the recipe will fail. There isn’t any penalty, though, so there’s no need to fear any mistakes. Any ingredients used in a failed recipe will return to your pocket.

What are the Spices From the West rewards?

Spices From the West rewards include Mora, Hero’s Wit, Weapon Enhancement Materials, and Primogems. You can claim these rewards by mixing recipes and offering seasoned dishes to your characters in the Serenitea Pot.

Note that there’s a difference between attempting a recipe and successfully mixing it. You get 60 Primogems for attempting a recipe at least 3 times. However, you need to successfully mix a recipe at least 3 times to gain reap all the rewards from the event. Spices From the West features 7 spice recipes, which means 420 easy Primos for any participant.

How do I taste-test Spices From the West seasoning with characters?

Click “Use Seasoning” on the Event menu to season Delicious dishes.


First, you need the Serenitea Pot and the ability to place characters inside. Completing the prerequisite quests A Teapot to Call Home and Idle Teapot Talk should make that possible. After that’s done, click the pointer finger button in the upper right corner of the screen (you need to press Alt on PC) to arrange furniture and add characters.

Talk to your character of choice once you have them in the teapot. They should have a dialogue option to taste-test your food, which can get you rewards from the event and extra companion points. If you don’t already have characters in the Serenitea Pot, you can’t add them because of the current teapot maintenance.

When will Serenitea Pot maintenance end?

The Serenitea Pot has been in maintenance since the Genshin Impact 2.7 delay. HoYoverse hasn’t announced when it will end but has been offering players Realm Currency in return for their patience.

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