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Where to find a Pizza Party in Fortnite to take a slice in Week 8

Pizza royale!

fortnite pizza party item tomatohead screenshot
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Fortnite Week 8 Challenges have kicked off as of January 27, 2022. One of the latest objectives involves a brand-new item that just made its way to Battle Royale as part of the version 19.10 hotfix. Want to know a guaranteed location for the Pizza Party item and how to take a slice from the box? We’ll explain all the delicious details below.

Where to find the Pizza Party item in Fortnite

According to Epic Games’ official blog post on the subject, the Pizza Party item can be found at random in Chests, Supply Drops, Loot Llamas, and as floor loot. However, if you’d like to get your hands on a full pizza much quicker, you can also visit the Tomatohead NPC found towards the center of the newly resurfaced Tilted Towers.

The Pizza Party item can be purchased from Tomatohead. He works at the Pizza Pit found in Tilted Towers.

Epic Games

You’ll find our fruity friend standing behind the counter at his Pizza Pit restaurant. Talk to him, and you can purchase a Pizza Party for just 50 Bars. Since each box contains eight slices and you only need to take two of them, you only need to purchase one Pizza Party to get this challenge done. The Pizza Pit is the only guaranteed location to find a Pizza Party item.

Talk to the Tomatohead NPC, and he’ll sell you a Pizza Party for 50 Bars.

Epic Games

How to take a slice from a Pizza Party in Fortnite

To complete this specific Week 8 challenge, you must take two slices from a Pizza Party. Once you have a box in your possession, equip it and throw it just like you would any other throwable.

Throw down the Pizza Party box, and press the designated button to take a slice.

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Once thrown, the box will open to reveal the full pizza pie. As seen above, all you have to do is press the designated button to “take a slice.” When you do, the slice is stored in your inventory and can be used as a healing item later in the match. Each individual slice recovers 25 health and 25 shield up to a threshold of 100 health and 50 shield. You don’t have to eat the pizza to complete this challenge, though, just take two slices from a box.

Fortnite Week 8 Challenges

Taking pizza slices from a Pizza Party item accounts for just one of nine new challenges going live in Fortnite on Thursday. We’ve included the full list of objectives below for those who might need it.

  • Talk to Island Nomad, ExoSuit, or Galactico (one)
  • Eliminate an opponent in Tilted Towers (one)
  • Restore shields by consuming Butter Berries (40)
  • Destroy structures by knocking down Timber Pines (10)
  • Glide for 60 meters after launching from a Klombo’s blowhole (60)
  • Dance for Llana at a Vending for five seconds (one)
  • Take Pizza Slices from a Pizza Party item (two)
  • Deal explosive damage (400)
  • Spend bars (200)

That’s all you need to know about taking pizza slices from a Pizza Party item in Fortnite.

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