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Where to find 5 Flamingo Lawn Ornaments in Fortnite

Get festive with flamingos.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 1 has reached Week 14, offering up a new series of challenges to help players max out their aging battle pass. While most of the new weekly objectives are fairly straightforward, the most obtuse task of the bunch asks players to decorate Shell or High Water and Happy Campers with five Flamingo Lawn Ornaments. In this guide, we’ll show you all the locations you need to get the challenge done.

Fortnite Flamingo Lawn Ornament locations

When starting our search for Flamingo Lawn Ornaments, it helps to know that Shell or High Water is an unnamed landmark on the Season 1 map. You’ll find it northeast of Logjam Lumberyard and north of Shifty Shafts. It’s marked on the map below.

You can find Shell or High Water north of Shifty Shafts.Epic Games

Flamingo Lawn Ornament 1

The central feature of Shell or High Water is its massive mansion. Outside the front of the mansion, you’ll find this large fountain. You can place two Flamingo Lawn Ornaments here.

The first flamingo location can be found at the fountain in front of the mansion.Epic Games

Flamingo Lawn Ornament 2

Take a left, and you’ll come to this area with two shrub arches right next to each other. You can place two flamingos here, one next to each of these two trees.

You can place one flamingo on each of these two trees.Epic Games

Flamingo Lawn Ornament 3

The last location to place Flamingo Lawn Ornaments at Shell or High Water is next to the garage on your right. It looks as though you can only place one flamingo next to this tree in a clearing.

The third and final Flamingo Lawn Ornament is located just past the garage.Epic Games

Once you’ve decorated Shell or High Water with Flamingo Lawn Ornaments, head to Happy Campers. It’s another unnamed landmark on the Season 1 map, this time found west of Loot Lake. Go to the marked location to start your flamingo search.

Happy Campers is located west of Loot Lake.Epic Games

Flamingo Lawn Ornament 4

Our first ornament location is at the spot marked on the map. Near the marker, you should see this group of trailers near a bathtub and a basketball hoop. You can place one flamingo here by the white trailer.

Place one flamingo next to this white trailer.Epic Games

Flamingo Lawn Ornament 5

From there, look for a hill off to the right with an orange camper on top. You can place one flamingo near the front of the camper.

The second Flamingo Lawn Ornament can be placed near this orange camper.Epic Games

Flamingo Lawn Ornament 6

The final flamingo location can be found by jumping off the hill and falling to this camp of trailers below. You can place the final two flamingos around the fire pit.

Hop down the hill and plant the last two flamingos at this fire pit.Epic Games

Fortnite Week 14 Challenges

Per usual, decorating Shell or High Water and Happy Campers with Flamingo Lawn Ornaments amounts to just one of nine new challenges going live on March 10. In case you missed the full list, here are the other eight challenges.

  • Hide in a dumpster at Tilted Towers and Daily Bugle (two)
  • Reach a speed of 65 in a vehicle at Chonker's Speedway or Behemoth Bridge
  • Deal damage to opponents at Covert Cavern or the Sanctuary (75)
  • Dance on top of a Klombo
  • Search a Seven or IO chest
  • Decorate Shell or High Water and Happy Campers with flamingo lawn ornaments (five)
  • Survive on top of wind turbines at Windbreakers for 30 seconds
  • Collect a weapon of legendary rarity or higher
  • Complete a bounty from a Bounty Board

That’s all you need to know to decorate Shell or High Water and Happy Campers in Fortnite.

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