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How to get all the stylish new outfits in the 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Wave 4 DLC

New lewks for your next military invasion.

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses Wave 4 DLC delivered a slew of new additions to the game like conversations, classes, and a whole new story mode. These updates are pretty substantial, but you’re probably wondering: “What about the new outfits?”

Past DLC waves for Three Houses have added some unforgettable new wardrobe pieces like Byleth’s glasses or the incredible sports uniforms, so how does the supposedly final wave of DLC stack up to the rest?

Byleth’s Dancer Ensemble

Midway through the first half of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’re asked to pick a student to represent your class in the White Heron cup dance competition. If this student emerges victorious, they’re awarded the Dancer class and a sultry dancer outfit.

Byleth as a dancer.


Because they're a professor, Byleth is unfortunately banned from participating, meaning it was the only outfit that the game's protagonist couldn’t access. That has finally changed in the latest DLC pack.

DLC Wave 4 remedies this injustice by providing Dancer outfits for the male and female versions of Byleth. Neither version comes with all the supportive perks of the Dancer class, but it's still something. Byleth deserves everything in this world.

In case you missed it, there was also an extra DLC wave in December that contained a Sothis outfit for Byleth.

Tricky Merchant Anna costume.


Tricky Merchant Anna

In the November DLC update, the merchant Anna joined the fray as a playable character. As veteran Fire Emblem fans know, Anna is a recurring character who first became playable in Fire Emblem: Awakening with Trickster as her canon class.

Now that Anna’s regular class has been added via the Cindered Shadows DLC, she also got a bonus outfit to showcase her truly mischievous personality. The Tricky Merchant Anna outfit is only available for the Red-Headed peddler to wear. When she puts it on, the outfit changes both her visage and her portrait’s facial expressions while in conversation. Finally, sly Anna is back!

What outfits can the DLC characters wear?

If you purchased the DLC, that means you’ve got access to four new characters: Yuri, Hapi, Balthus, and Constance. Given that they’re new to the party, you must be wondering, what exactly fits them? What can they wear? They can wear just about anything, so the closet is their oyster! Anything available to a regular student can be donned by the four DLC characters as well.

How can I change everyone’s outfits simultaneously?

The advent of the version 1.20 update came with many little changes, but for the fashionable, I’m sure there’s nothing more compelling than the added ‘Everyone’ button located at the very bottom of your ‘Unit Appearance’ menu. By clicking it, you can simultaneously change everyone’s outfits, making it easier than ever to give your team a uniform look. Everyone loves a person in uniform, so imagine 10 people in the same uniform. Stunning.

Additionally, all you Fire Emblem fashionistas out there can also now access outfits from the activity menu. This means your attire can now be changed right before battle, and you don’t even need to hit ‘Explore’ just to change your look. Now that’s fast fashion!

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cindered Shadows DLC is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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