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Everything you need to know about Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

A Final Fantasy Soulslike is in the works at Square Enix.

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Square Enix had major plans to announce a surprising new video game at E3 2021, but early leaks spoiled the surprise — the title is officially called Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Here’s everything we know based on rumors and the official announcement.

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What do we know about Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin?

As rumors from Fantbyte and others previously foretold, Stranger of Paradise appears to be a Soulslike game based in the timeline of the original NES Final Fantasy. The game is being made in collaboration between Team Ninja and Square Enix, with Final Fantasy VII Remake veterans Tetsuya Nomura and Kazushige Nojima working together to bring a new subseries to the popular RPG franchise. The upcoming release features action-heavy, hack-and-slash combat with the ability to cast a number of spells as well.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is an action-first title set in the universe of the original Final Fantasy.Square Enix

“While it is Final Fantasy, it feels different — but there's no doubt that the blood of Final Fantasy runs through its veins,” said Tetsuya Nomura, Creative Producer for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin in a press release. “We've undertaken the challenge of finding this difficult middle ground for this mature and stylish title. We need a little time until we're able to complete it, and while the battle system is a bloody one, it does link to the story, so I hope you'll use this opportunity to give it a try.”

Industry insider Navtra wrote on Resetera that it’ll be “the darkest and most violent Final Fantasy ever got” and that it might even involve gore. Another important note is that Navtra claims the game will be easier than other Soulslikes and feature “multiple difficulties.”

When is the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin release date?

The announcement trailer for Stranger of Paradise reveals that the game will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC in 2022. Rumors originally said the game would be a PS5 exclusive, but exclusivity only applies to the Trial Version demo.

Is there a Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin trailer?

The debut trailer for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin was revealed during the Square Enix E3 showcase on June 13. You can catch a first glimpse at the game’s protagonists and its action-centric combat below.

When does the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo release?

Alongside the announcement, Square Enix has confirmed that the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial Version will be live exclusively on PS5 starting June 13 at 11 p.m. Eastern. However, gamers were quickly able to already download the demo on the PSN Store website, even though the PS5 PSN Store app wouldn’t show the demo.

The demo will be available through June 24 at 11 p.m. Eastern. A survey will then be offered to demo players from June 13 through June 30th at 11 p.m. Eastern for those who wish to provide feedback to developers.

What is the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin story?

The Fanbyte report claims that “it takes place somewhere in or adjacent to the world of the first Final Fantasy game on the NES.” Given the fact that the word “Origin” is in the title, it makes a lot of sense for it to be connected to the very first Final Fantasy gamer ever.

The first Final Fantasy follows four Warriors of Light who team up to save the world. The world’s elemental magic is determined by the state of four sentient glowing crystal orbs that govern earth, fire, water, and wind, respectively. Four friends also connected to these crystals plague the world and cause the crystals to darken, so it’s up to the Warriors of Light to unite, defeat the fiends, and restore light to the crystals to bring peace to the world.

In the game, players will battle various monsters from the Final Fantasy series.Square Emix

Based on the game’s reveal trailer, Stranger of Paradise features a team of three Warriors of Light named Jack, Ash, and Jed who are hellbent on killing Chaos. In the short clip, the trio is tasked with finding and defeating Garland, a knight who has fallen from grace. Garland, of course, is the main antagonist of the original Final Fantasy first released in 1987. As the trio opens the doors of the Chaos Shrine, they discover they may not be the true Warriors of Light as prophecy has foretold.

Origin could take place at any point in this timeline. 400 years before Final Fantasy on the cusp of when darkness began rising sounds like a great premise. Or it could take place long after the events of Final Fantasy when a new threat emerges.

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