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Dispose of these Airbuster parts first in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Here's the best way to take down Shinra's biggest bot.

After reaching Final Fantasy VII Remake's second Mako reactor, you and your Avalanche allies are officially on Shinra's radar. The monolithic company even has a massive experimental robot called the Airbuster that, if fully operational, could easily wipe our your group. But players get the opportunity to sabotage the lethal automaton before the battle, giving them a fighting chance. By finding five Keycards strewn around a series of labs and interconnecting hallways, players can disable specific parts of the Airbuster. But which are the best?

What does the AI Programming Core do? By removing AI Programming Cores, you'll reduce the Airbuster's speed. Specifically, their attack speed and how quickly they can do a finger laser attack. In the battle, this is an annoying move that's difficult to dodge and will stun your characters.

Immediately before the battle, there will be a room with levers where you can grab the discarded parts, trading them for items. The AI Programming Core turns into a highly sellable item that will net you 500 Gil per core.

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What do M-Units do? Each M-unit you remove doesn't hamper the boss' strength whatsoever, but it does give you a few quality items in the lever room. When picked up in the lever room, M-Units turn into a random battle item like an Ether or a Hi-Potion.

What do the Big Bomber Shells do? Big Bomber Shells allow the Airbuster to use a massive explosive attack. Each one you remove reduces the frequency that they can perform the attack. It's a fairly deadly move that could possibly wipe your party if not handled properly.

In the lever room, these translate into items that can be deployed in battle to deal 500 points of damage to a group of foes. When sold, they won't yield anything substantial, so don't bother trying.

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What should you remove for the easiest battle? You should begin by chipping away at the Airbuster's AI Programming Core. When removing AI Programming Cores isn't an option, remove Big Bomber Shells. This should remedy Shinra's scary experimental robot into quite a docile foe.

To make your experience easier, make sure that everyone in your party has Lightning Materia equipped, so you can target the boss' weakness. If you're short on the Materia, give what you have to Barret. I'd also suggest linking it to an Elemental Materia on Barret's weapon, if that option is available to you. With all that complete, besting the robot with your trio should be a cinch.

Lastly, remember to pick up your disposed items before entering the battle. There will be a lever that you're mandated to flip according to the story, once it's flipped, look across that to find another lever set. This one will require five rounds of precise lever flipping, but when you're done you'll be given your bounty of rewards.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for PlayStation 4.

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