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How to Craft Gotterdammerung, the Most Powerful Sword in Final Fantasy 16

Unleash god-ending power.

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In Final Fantasy XVI, protagonist Clive Rosfield burns through powerful swords of increasing strength, using the materials he gathers along the way to better his equipment to take on more powerful foes. But among all those weapons, there is an objective “best” sword to acquire. Of course, it won’t be easy.

Here’s how to craft Gotterdammerung, the best sword in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to get Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy XVI

Gotterdammerung has ridiculously high stats, providing 375 Attack and 375 Stagger. That kind of power doesn’t come without making you work hard to get it. And because it’s the best sword in the game, you won’t be able to get it until you are very far through the main quest and have done a large number of side missions. You also have to take out a large number of targets on the Hunt Board, so prepare accordingly and get comfortable with your best skills.

The Hunt Board in Final Fantasy XVI.

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You’ll need to round up this list of items:

  • Darksteel (2)
  • Orichalcum (3)
  • Primitive Battlehorn (1)
  • Ragnarok (1)

Once you’ve got all of them, just head to Blackthorne in the Hideaway and you’ll be all set!

Now, let’s run down the list of how you get all these goodies.

How to get Darksteel in Final Fantasy XVI

You need two pieces of Darksteel for this legendary sword. Each will require taking down a Notorious Mark on the Hunt Board.

The first piece of Darksteel is dropped by hunting down the “Prince of Death,” an A-rank Grim Reaper. Defeating this foe also nets you 15,000 Gil and 45 Renown. You can find the Prince of Death in Cape Orsiere, Sanbreque. Note that it won’t spawn until you’ve completed the side quest “Under New Management.”

Now, for the second piece of Darksteel, you’ll have to bring down the “Usher to the Underworld,” Thanatos, another A-rank fight. In addition to nabbing the second piece of Darksteel, you’ll be rewarded with 17,000 Gil and 45 Renown, which should help cover the cost of any potions you need. You’ll find Thanatos in the Dhalmekian Republic on the Gilded Path to Kretov.

How to get Orichalcum in Final Fantasy XVI

You’ve got a bit more wiggle room getting the three pieces of Orichalcum that you need for crafting the best sword in Final Fantasy XVI, but it’s still going to be a lot of work. We’ve listed all the options we know of, even though you’ll only need to go for three of them.

To start, you get a piece of Orichalcum by completing the sidequest “Under New Management II,” which is located in Northreach. You already have to complete the preceding sidequest to get the Prince of Death to spawn, so go ahead and do this sidequest to make your life easier.

You’ll also get Orichalcum as a reward for going after the “Breaker of Worlds,” Atlas. This S-rank hunt commences at the very eastern area in Cressida, also granting you 20,000 Gil, 1 Fallen Iron, and 50 Renown.

Gorgimera, the “Tricephalic Terror,” has another piece of Orichalcum, as well as 20,000 Gil and 50 Renown. This S-rank hunt is located in the Dhalmekian Republic, northwest of The Dalimil Inn.

Battling the Demon King known as the “Masterless Marauder” will also grant an Orichalcum reward, in addition to 20,000 Gil and 55 Renown. It’s another S-rank fight though, so watch out. Fight it in the Kingdom of Waloed, close to the Vidargraes Obelisk.

You can get Orichalcum from defeating Svarog, a dragon deemed the “Ruin Reawakened” and every bit as dangerous as that name implies. If you beat this S-rank hunt, you’ll also earn 30,000 Gil and 60 Renown. Find it (if you dare) at the southern tip of Mornebrume, Sanbreque.

How to get Primitive Battlehorn in Final Fantasy XVI

You’ll get the Primitive Battlehorn you need by taking out an A-rank hunt target, Gobermouch the goblin. Gobermouch can be found in the Kingdom of Waloed, west of the Eistla Obelisk. After clobbering this goblin, you’ll also be rewarded with 15,000 Gil and 30 Renown.

How to get Ragnarok in Final Fantasy XVI

The blacksmith.

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Ragnarok is a notably powerful sword, with a respectable 325 Attack and Stagger. It’s the core of what you need to forge Gotterdammerung, and you’ll get it after completing a series of lengthy sidequests that involve bringing the Hideaway’s resident blacksmith out of his sour moods. You’ll need to complete the following:

  • Blacksmith’s Blues (Available after the main quest “Here Be Monsters”)
  • Blacksmith’s Blues II (Available after the main quest “Letting Off Steam III”)
  • Blacksmith’s Blues III (Available after the main quest “A Song of Hope”)
  • Blacksmith’s Blues IV (Available after the main quest “Across the Narrow”)

You get Ragnarok after completing Blacksmith’s Blues IV. Under no circumstances should you sell Ragnarok, as there is no way to get another one!

And a reminder, once you’ve collected all these objects, take them to Blackthorne in the Hideaway to receive the mighty Gotterdammerung sword.

Final Fantasy XVI is available now on PS5.

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