Xur's location and wares in Destiny 2 from February 14-18, 2020

Xur? Where are you, buddy?

Since the launch of Destiny 1 in 2014, Guardians have had three constants in their life: regular new content, a desire to grind for new gear, and the possibility of obtaining excellent new gear through a merchant called Xur who wanders into the game's solar system every weekend.

Where did Xur emerge on Friday, February 14, 2020? Is Xur experiencing love like the other guardians in Destiny 2? And what curios is the creepy merchant peddling? Keep reading to find out.

Xur is a strange merchant with a Lovecraftian squid face who wears a dark robe and appears in a different location within the Destiny 2-verse every Friday around 12 p.m. Eastern. He brings with him an inventory of random exotic items available for purchase with Legendary Shards, and he departs upon the weekly reset the following Tuesday at 12 p.m. Eastern.

Because they're totally random, the items he sells are often a mixed bag; They can either be incredible boons for endgame level players, or they might be absolute drags. Hunters might have excellent treasure waiting for them the same week that a frustrated Titan tries to attack the merchant for selling that same terrible pair of gloves. But for completionists and collectors who want every piece of exotic armor and every exotic weapon, a visit to Xur is a necessary weekly ritual. Finding him has never been particularly easy in-game, so that's where we come in.

Visiting Xur used to be simpler in the first Destiny when he would only appear in social spaces. He must’ve gotten one heck of a permit between the two games because in Destiny 2 he can set up shop on any explorable planet in Patrol mode. Don't worry: He still shows up in the Tower occasionally, but for anyone looking to see what Xur's up to this week, we've got you covered.

Xur in Destiny 2 on Feb, 14, 2020


Where is Xur on February 14, 2020 in Destiny 2?

This week, Xur can be found in Nessus, in the Watcher’s Grave, on the Emperor’s Barge.

If you have trouble finding him, reference the above map with the cursor pinned to his location.

What does Xur have for sale this week? Is it worth buying?

Before heading over to the Agent of the Nine’s curio shop, you might want to know if what he’s got in stock is worth your time. Honestly, it’s a really good week for Xur! Here's what he is selling starting February 14, 2020:

Tractor Cannon

Heavy Shotgun, 29 Legendary Shards

  • Repulsor Force — This weapon emits a powerful impulse that pushes enemies away, suppresses their abilities, and makes them more vulnerable to all incoming damage.
  • The Scientific Method Damaging an opponent temporarily increases speed and handling.

Claim or Lame: Claim! The Tractor Cannon is an excellent shotgun that absolutely destroys in PVP.

The Dragon's Shadow

Void Hunter Chest, 23 Legendary Shards

  • Wraithmetal Mail — Dodging reloads all weapons and increases both movement and weapon handling speeds for a brief time.

Claim or Shame: Buy! Like the Tractor Cannon, the Dragon’s Shadow is currently decimating players in PVP. Its reloading ability can easily turn the tides in a tight confrontation, and it should be a part of every Hunter's gear pool.

Starfire Protocol

Void Warlock Chest, 23 Legendary Shards

  • Fusion Harness — Fusion Grenades have an additional charge and recharge from empowered weapon damage. Fusion Grenade kills grant Rift energy.

Claim or Shame: Claim. If you play as a support Warlock to any degree, the Starfire Protocol can be a huge boon to your Rift-generation, so it's found a home in most popular builds.

Wormgod Caress is also pretty stylish.


Wormgod Caress

Solar Titan Arms, 23 Legendary Shards

  • Burning Fists Melee kills increase melee damage for a period of time. Additional kills extend the duration and increase effects.

Claim or Shame: Claim — but with a catch. These arms are incredibly useful, but they’ve been disabled for players since January. There’s no telling when they’ll officially return, so it's actually pretty weird that they're for sale.

Xur also has some other things worth checking out if you're interested:

  • Exotic Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
  • Invitation quest: 9 Legendary Shards
  • Five of Swords Challenge Card
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