Epic Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy trailer teases a devastating story twist

The Cabal have set their ship on a collision course with the Last City, and the Guardians need Rasputin's help to avert disaster.

Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy is about to launch next week, and the first major trailer just introduced a surprising twist to the game's narrative that could end in disaster. The Cabal are pulling a kamikaze move by aiming The Allmighty ship right for Earth.

Bungie released a gameplay trailer for Season of the Worthy Tuesday detailing how the game's story will progress with the new season. After the Guardians defeated the Cabal at the Sundial during Season of Dawn, they decided to sacrifice their mothership, The Allmighty, in order to destroy the rest of humanity, setting the ship on a collision course with the Last City. The trailer confirms that the players' main goal this season will be stopping the ship from crashing, and it'll involve tearing through tons of Cabal lackeys along the way.

The trailer teasing Season of the Worthy, which launches across all platforms March 10, is one of the best that Bungie has put out in a long time, putting great emphasis on the dire consequences of recent events. Even though there's zero chance of the ship ever hitting Earth, the drama is palpable in the trailer.

From a broader perspective, Season of the Worthy is also important as it marks the return of Trials of Osiris, which hasn't been around since the original Destiny. Outside of that, Season of the Worthy comes with the cool new weapons and gear that are to be expected with any new season of the game.

A new exotic quest will also be added next week, as will some new activities like Seraph Towers, public events that might function similarly to Escalation Protocol. All of these welcome changes coming with Season of the Worthy are detailed on Bungie's website, but expect even more details to emerge over the next week.

The Inverse Analysis

This story premise might entice even lapsed Destiny 2 players back into the fold. It's a very compelling set-up and could have an interesting impact on the game's ongoing narrative. While it'd be great to end this season by stopping The Allmighty, I'd actually love to see Bungie take the narrative risk of making it crash into the Last City. Why not?

Even though that's unlikely, Season of the Worthy would likely go down as one of the most memorable Destiny 2 seasons ever if that happens. It could also serve as a new start for the game, priming it for this fall's inevitable expansion and renewing interest two and a half years out from its launch.

Season of the Worthy also seems like it will even be interesting for those who don't care about Destiny 2's narrative at all. PvP players will have a lot of nice new content to sink their teeth into like Trials of Osiris, while PvE focused players can still enjoy the new weapons, exotic mission, and activities. As Season of the Worthy seems to be making solid additions on all major Destiny 2 fronts, it is poised to be one of the best Destiny 2 seasons in a long time if Bungie can deliver.

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