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Deathloop slabs: Best stealth build and loadout guide

Want to keep things quiet on Blackreef Island?

Deathloop is a game about time management. As players learn throughout their journey as Colt Vahn, an intrepid assassin marooned in a 24-hr time loop on Blackreef Island, the name of the game is repetition.

You’ll repeat the same tasks over and over until it all culminates in a grand strategy that allows Colt to break the loop by killing the eight Visionaries on the island, each of whom holds a key to unraveling the paradox.

The problem with doing all this killing? It’s loud. While some players may be bold enough to go guns blazing in a game with no saves, most Deathloop fans are going to take a quieter approach. So what does a timelooping assassin need to pack to make the most of his sneaky skills? Read on for the best stealth loadouts and character builds for Deathloop.

A note on inventory: It takes a few hours to reach the mission where you kill Wenjie (one of eight the Visionaries) for the first time. Completing this mission grants Colt the power to “infuse” items with Residuum, a currency/XP you collect from dead Visionaries and random glowing objects in the world. Until you complete it, you won’t carry inventory over if you die or finish a loop and start a new one. (Here’s a solid walkthrough for the mission if you’re stuck.)

Best silenced weapons

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PT-6 Spiker Nailgun

While you do get a nailgun early on, this purple rare nailgun inside The Library in Updaam (among other places) is extra special. It has more trinket slots and a buff for dealing extra damage to tagged enemies. This is incredibly useful if you’re going stealth since you’ll be tagging lots of enemies to keep track of patrol routes, conversations, etc. It’s quiet, powerful and has decent range. This is your workhorse.

Silenced LIMP-10

Boyhowdy is this SMG a fun gun to use. Not as powerful or as long range as the PT-6 Spiker but a great backup for when you slip up on a stealth run and need to kill someone quietly in a hurry. This is a reliable place to find it, in a backroom on The Complex map in the morning. This is your insurance for when things go wrong.

Sepulchra Breteria

Bethesda Softworks

Ok, so while this sniper rifle isn’t technically silenced — there are no silenced sniper rifles as far as we can tell — it is extraordinarily powerful and accurate at super long range. This isn’t the weapon to use indoors when there’s multiple guards around, but it is fantastic for staying at a distance and taking out rooftop sentries (and can even one-shot Visionaries). You’ll find it in Updaam in the afternoon as part of a trap set by Eternalist guards.

“Eat the Rich” Tribunal

A controversial selection for the list, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this golden gun that comes as part of the Deluxe Edition. If you sprung the extra $$$, then you’ll get this pre-infused silenced pistol early on and it is an absolute gamechanger. It came included in my review copy of the game and I used it 90 percent of the time while playing. A bit OP, a bit of a pay-to-win, but undoubtedly the best silenced weapon in the game. Lethal power, crazy long range, and oh-so shiny.

Best stealth slabs and upgrades

Aside from your arsenal, your stealth character build will include a mix of slabs, upgrades and trinkets. There are a LOT to choose from and you’ll likely want to switch it up depending on your goals for each mission. Here are some standout combos and strategies to help you stay sneaky.

Aether Slab

This is the must have slab for stealth play. You can acquire it by killing Egor Sterling (you’ll find him in The Complex in the evening). It grants you invisibility which has obvious benefits for stealth. You’ll need to kill Egor a few more times (or Juliana if you’re lucky) to get the right upgrades. The best loadouts for stealth here are the Ghost upgrade, which stops your power from draining if you stand still, and Flicker, which allows you to attack and stay invisible.

Nexus Slab

Bethesda Softworks

One of two interchangeable slabs I recommend for stealth play. Nexus is acquired in the morning at Karl’s Bay by killing Harriet. It links enemies together so that killing one kills them all, and suits players who want to take out lots of guards and go slowly. This is most useful for situations with two or three guards talking to each other, but also comes in handy when shit hits the fan and tons of guards are rushing you too. The best stealth upgrade is Parasite, which gives you health when you kill linked enemies. The second upgrade depends on your playstyle. Influence causes enemies to create connections when they get close, good if you like to move quickly. For more cautious players use Protraction, which drains your energy more slowly. As with all slabs you get the upgrades by killing Harriet or Juliana again and again.

Shift Slab

The other slab I’d recommend for stealth. Shift allows for short range teleportation which may not seem stealthy at first, but is really useful for navigating across large spaces or areas with multiple levels. You’ll get it from Charlie in Updaam. If you plan to do rooftop sniping, or want to move quickly and quietly through a level to get a quick objective and head out, then Shift is a must have in your loadout. The best upgrades for stealth here are Airborne, which lets you hover, and Reach, which lets you teleport a second time while in mid-air.

Best stealth character trinkets

Bethesda Softworks

These are the wildcards of Deathloop. There’s a lot of character trinkets to choose from and you can only take four at a time. Like weapons, they increase in rarity with purple tier being the most powerful. Here are our picks for a stealth loadout.

Spring-Heeled- In addition to being a great Elder Scrolls reference, this trinket lets you double-jump. You get it super early in the game so hang on to it as you’re going to need to climb a lot of things to stay in the shadows and access hidden pathways.

Extended Signal- Extends the range of the hackamajig significantly. This is crucial for disabling sensors, turrets and mines.

Creeping Death- Makes you very, very quiet (like hunting rabbits). Absolutely useful for when things go south and you need to run and hide again.

Swift Shadow- Move faster while crouched. You’re crouched most of the time, so, yeah, saves you a lot of time in the long run.

Happy sneaking!

Deathloop is available now on PS5 and PC.

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