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Follow these 5 simple steps to romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077

Hey Jude.

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Night City is full of love. In addition to being rife with crime, Cyberpunk 2077's main setting provides numerous ways to find love and be loved. You can even find yourself a romantic partner such as vaunted Braindance editor, Judy Alvarez. As you work alongside Judy, you might begin to wonder how exactly she can be wooed.

You can woo Judy in five simple steps, which we've outlined below.

How to romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077

First things first: you'll need to be playing as a female V with a feminine voice selected. If you're several hours into a playthrough, you might have to save this love affair for your second run.

You'll meet Judy during the main-story mission titled The Information. From that point on, you can begin to court her through a series of jobs. Here are all five steps to romance Judy.

  1. Complete Judy's five Main Jobs.
  2. You'll unlock a chain of five Judy-centric Side Jobs. During the fourth Side Job, Pisces, either refuse Maiko's Plan or turn down the payment.
  3. During Pyramid Song, agree to Judy's various invitations.
  4. Kiss her in the bathroom when offered.
  5. Join her on the pier and describe the previous night as "the beginning of something amazing." That will confirm her as a long-term partner.

That's the short version of how to unlock Judy as a romantic option in Cyberpunk 2077. If you'd like to understand the winding road to romance in further detail, we're breaking it down step-by-step below. If only real-life love was this straightforward.

Judy waking V up from a braindance.

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Step 1: Meet Judy and complete her five Main Jobs

After you meet Judy in The Information, she'll accompany you for four more Main Jobs across Cyberpunk 2077. Those jobs are called Automatic Love, The Space In Between, Disasterpiece, and Double Life. For the most part, you can speak to Judy in any manner during these jobs. How you act will have no barring on your romantic progression. However, there are some extra dialogue options that you can unlock for later during these missions that will make your courting significantly easier.

During Automatic Love, make sure, to be honest with Judy during your initial conversation after reaching Lizzie's Bar. This will unlock a few new options down the line.

In Double Life, listen to the entire audio conversation to unlock a conversation with Judy once you leave the braindance. Again, this has no barring on your romantic endeavors but will make things a little easier later on.

Step 2:Complete Judy's four Side Jobs

Once you've been through hell and back with Judy in the main story, you'll unlock four side jobs relating to her. These Side Jobs are called Both Sides Now, Ex-Factor, Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution, Pisces, and Pyramid Song. If you do everything right, this Side Job Chain will conclude in an actual date with Judy.

The first Judy Side Job, Both Sides, Now will unlock following your completion of Double Life. Judy will call you after 24 in-game hours pass. This mission has no barring on the romance.

After completing Both Sides, Now and waiting 18 total in-game hours, you'll get a phone call from Judy asking for help. Agree with her to start the next Side Job, Ex-Factor.

Once that's done, you'll wait another 12 in-game hours, concluding in a phone call from Judy. This will unlock Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution. During this mission, you should be sure to not let Judy and her friends down. Additionally, decline Judy when she offers to pay your fees for helping.

Judy being a total Judy in the streets of Nighty City

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Following that mission, you'll have to wait... you guessed it... 12 in-game hours for a phone call from Judy to unlock the next Side Job, Pisces. During this Side Job make sure to choose your words carefully to procced in romancing Judy. You'll need to either reject Maiko's plan or turn down the payment. If performed correctly, this mission will conclude in a smooch between V and Judy.

Step 3: Start the final Judy Side Job, Pyramid Song, and be agreeable

Following Pisces, you'll have one last Side Job with Judy. After 24 in-game hours, she'll call your phone. Agree to meet with her to start Pyramid Song, which is both a Side Job and your first date. While on the date, be agreeable and Judy will quickly become your romantic partner. Agree to go diving with Judy then agree to spend the night at the bungalow.

Step 4: Be thoughtful towards Judy

You'll have some conversations, generators will be turned on, and you'll knock on the bathroom door. Ask Judy if everything is alright. Open the door and tell her "We're still synced." Judy will eventually open up to V with her worries. Respond to her with "It is ours." You'll get another chance to smooch Judy here. Don't blow it.

Step 5: Let Judy know what you have is real

The next morning you'll find Judy on the dock. She'll ask some questions about last night and what it meant to you. Respond to her inquiry with "The beginning of something amazing." That answer will confirm her as a long term partner and ensure she appears in your epilogue.

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