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Everything you need to know about Code Name: X, the Persona 5 mobile game

The next great Persona 5 adventure.

Stop screaming Persona 5 in the streets. Now that Persona 5 follow-up games like Persona 5 Dancing, Persona 5 Strikers, and Persona 5 Royal have hit shelves across the globe, you might be thinking that Persona 5 is over? Maybe it’s time for Persona 6?


The Persona 5-verse still has more stories to tell, apparently. Chinese developer, Perfect World Games, is supposedly working on a brand new mobile game set in the Persona 5-verse called Code Name: X.

Here’s everything we know it.

When is the Code Name: X release date?

A release date for the game wasn’t given, but 2021 is the Persona franchise’s 25th anniversary. It could come out in China as early as this year.

It’s unknown if or when the game will release outside of China. There are many games based on popular franchises that only end up being released in China.

Is there a trailer for Code Name: X?

Yes! You can watch it below.

The trailer is only available in Chinese, but we can get a feel for the game through the images shown.

It heavily involves on hacking locations in Tokyo. This game uses the same assets as Persona 5 with some slight differences. We can see Iwai’s gun shop in the background during one shot, confirming that it’s actually the Persona 5 universe. In another shot, we see the Shibuya 109 building, which was renamed to Shibuya 705 in the Persona 5 games.

Perhaps they got the rights to show the building?

We see maps flash across the screen, implying this could perhaps be an AR game, akin to Pokémon GO? Maybe players will be required to hack their surroundings.

As the trailer continues, we see a hooded man with black hair running across rooftops as a bespectacled girl hacks a computer. Both characters are apparently new.

Their identities are undisclosed in the trailer, but additional profiles found by Gematsu shed some light on the pair.

Bio of the hooded man.

Perfect World Games

According to a very rough translation by Google, the hooded man’s bio reads as follows:

  • Age: 15
  • Identity: unknown
  • Birthday: unknown
  • NAME: ???
“He is an ordinary high school student with a “dark history." The real world is built on darkness and chaos. In the shadows of the ground and the pavilion under the sun, among the cyclical flow of people, the innocent and weak are stranded in the dark. Those on the visible path must be obedient or bear the burden of humiliation but on the border of order and darkness. There is a third path, created the power of innovation. It will be bred in the shadows and allow him to bloom in possibility.”

Based on this description, it’s impossible for this hooded man to be Joker from Persona 5. Joker is canonically 16 during the plot of Persona 5. This could act as a prequel to the game, but that wouldn’t make much sense. It’s possible that the hooded character is the player, and they lose their hood later on after being customized. Perhaps the other facts are unknown because they require player input?

Rukawa Yuki, the girl with glasses.

Perfect World Games
  • Age: 17
  • Identity: student
  • Birthday: April 22
  • Name: Rukawa Yuki
“She was a practitioner of the rule of law from the Jidao family. Truth and justice must become the basic rules for the operation of the world through sound and powerful laws and a complete execution system. The status of a legal practitioner is a symbol of this lofty mission, amend it, perfect it, and even make yourself fully become it. Based on this principle, any unconventional and extreme measures can be allowed.”

Assuming the hooded man is the protagonist, Rukawa seems to be his first guide. She carries similar descriptors to Makoto Niijima from Persona 5. Her clearly defined sense of justice might help the player form their own will during Code Name: X.

Is there gameplay for Code Name: X?

No, there isn’t any gameplay currently available. It’s not confirmed how the game will play.

How is Code Name: X connected to Persona 5?

According to Perfect World Games, via analyst Daniel Ahmad, Code Name: X is based on the Persona 5 franchise. We can see certain Persona 5 landmarks in the trailer like Iwai’s airsoft gun store, Untouchable. It’s unsure how else this game will connect to the main Persona 5 titles and if its story will be respected by future games.

No members of the main Persona 5 cast have been announced as involved yet.

However, the new character, Rukawa Yuki, does appear to have her own Phantom Theif attire, seemingly inspired by the outfit worn by the titular Phantom of the Opera. Perhaps the original Phantom Thieves will appear to show her the ropes?

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