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Where to find all 3 Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 bunkers

Can you make it out alive?

call of duty warzone season 6

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is now live, featuring new weapons, balancing changes, and points of interest on the map. On day one, there are three new bunkers, which may seem familiar if you’ve kept up with Warzone since launch. These bunkers are WWII-themed and will likely tie to the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, which will be integrated into Warzone sometime in 2021.

These hidden bunkers contain a stash of goodies for those who are lucky enough to get there first. Fortunately, the bunkers spawn in fixed locations and since there are only three of them to start, you’ll have an easier time tracking them down. Here’s where to find them — and what treasures they contain.

Where are the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 bunkers?

These are the three new bunkers found on Verdansk.


First, take a look at the map above, which pinpoints the locations of the three bunkers. There’s one in Boneyard, one at the Airport, and one at Array (to the east of TV Station). While there are fewer bunkers than before, this means you’re more likely to encounter enemy players while visiting them, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

In previous seasons, bunkers would always be hot drops, leading to early eliminations right away. It’s typically recommended to avoid landing at bunkers because it’s hard to make it out alive. With only three of them, it’ll be even more hectic, so visit them at your own discretion.

As we get closer to Vanguard’s launch on November 5, more bunkers will likely appear, with possible Easter Eggs that lean into the lore.

Below are the specific locations of the current WWII bunkers.


Each bunker has two entrances: Via red storage containers or through holes in the ground.


All the bunkers are accessible via red storage containers, which were already present during Season 5. You can visit them in any order, but we’ll cover them from west to east, starting with the Boneyard location.

This set of storage containers is found on the east side of Boneyard, close to the graveyard area. Enter the container and you’ll find a hole with a rope that can be used to rappel down. There’s also another entrance on the east side, next to the storage units (not to be confused with the red storage containers) that is represented by a hole in the ground. These secondary entrances are often safer, as the red storage units will likely be busier.


The main entrance is in the red storage container on the east side of the Airport.


Next up is the airport bunker, found on the east side at the end of the runway. The red storage container is just north of the trailer where you’ll typically find a Buy Station. Look for the red storage containers to the east of the blue hangar.

The secondary entrance (hole in the ground) is just east of the trailer area. Remember, this is typically the safest route to get in.


This main entrance is to the east of Array.


The last bunker is found on the east side of Array, close to the big winding road. The main entrance is, of course, within the red storage containers. The secondary entrance is to the northeast, on the southern side of Salt Mine. As always, the secondary entrance is the safest.

What are the Warzone Season 6 bunker rewards?

Stack up on loot such as cash, killstreaks, armor, and weapons.


Why visit the bunkers, anyway? Well, they’re filled to the brim with loot. In fact, you can easily pick up enough cash to immediately buy a Loadout Drop, which will start you off on the right foot at the start of a match. After experimenting with it a bit, we’ve come across armor satchels, UAVs, Precision Airstrikes, and high-tier weapons.

Just remember, these bunkers will be busy at the start of a match, so don’t expect to get in and out with no issues. The one thing you’ll want to take into consideration is that each bunker has multiple doors and pathways, so it helps to be familiar with their layouts so you can outplay your opponents and make it out alive.

We’ll add to this list if more bunkers are added later on.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is available now.

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