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How to find the missing page in Bugsnax for the Crack the Code quest

Make sure you get this Bugsnax item as soon as you can so you don't hit a late-game roadblock.

Bugsnax is a free PS5 game for PlayStation Plus members around the system's launch, and it follows a vaguely monstrous journalist as they explore Snaktooth Island. Along the way, he has to rebuild Snaxberg, and capture the local Bugsnax, which are weird part-bug, part-food creatures. It's a fairly open-ended game that prefers to give players subtle hints rather than outright telling them what to do.

While this works in the game's favor for most of the adventure, one late-game quest might stop you in your tracks when it asks you "Find the missing page," to get a character named Eggabell Butternugget to come back to Snaxberg. While this seems straightforward enough, this page can be particularly hard to find if you don't remember where it is. This is what you need to do in order to find it and complete Bugsnax.

Crack the Code!

Once you get through most of the adventure, you'll have to recruit Eggabell by completing all of the objectives within the "Eggabell Keeps Her Cool" series of missions. After activating three statues and trying to open a mysterious door, Eggbell asks the player to track down all of the part of explorer Lizbert Megafig's journal as part of the "Crack the Code!" mission.

You will find the missing page in Boiling Bay

Young Horses

The Crack the Code mission contains four objectives: find Lizbert's journal, find the missing page, find Liz's device notes, and find notes on the mountain map. Completing every main quest in Bugsnax should give you the ability to find these items, and the journal, device notes, and mountain map are easily found in Lizbert and Eggablel's house.

As for the missing page, you'll probably miss this required clue if you don't go out of your way to find it. If you don't have this item, you'll need to look for it before you progress in the game.

Cromdo Cashes In

To get the missing page, you'll need to find Cromdo, a red Grumpus who's also a sleazy salesman. By completing all five of his missions, he'll give the player a map showing where all of the Grumpuses arrived on Snaktooth island. He tells the player that he thinks Lizbert abandoned them all and says they should go check it out.

That said, the game doesn't push you to explore this area beyond that. The thing is, his map is the key to finding the missing page. When you look at his clue, it shows a map of boiling bay, with a large red X on the edge of a peninsula. This is where you need to go.

Get the Missing Page

You'll find the missing page in Boiling Bay, which is the area that you recruit the mad scientist Floofty Fizzlebean in. To get to this area, head south from Snaxberg into Simmering Springs. From there, you'll be able to travel through a shipwreck to get to Boiling Bay.

This is where you can find the missing page in Boiling Bay.

Young Horses

Once you get in boiling bay, head as far left as you possibly can. As you can see in the image above, at the end of a patch of grass and near an oar and live preserver you'll find a backpack. A bottle with a note inside is attached to it, and once you pick it up you'll see that it's the missing page.

Now that you've collected it, you should have fulfilled this objective, so go back to Eggabell and talk to her and you should be able to progress. You're almost done with the game too, as this is the last major progression-checking roadblock.

Bugsnax is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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