These Nintendo Switch Grip Cases Make Playing Handheld Mode Way More Comfortable

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by Tiana Crump

If you find your Nintendo Switch uncomfortable to play in handheld mode, you're not alone. The small controllers can be difficult to hold, especially for larger hands. Luckily, the best Nintendo Switch grip cases can offer better grip, typically by extending your Joy Con controllers, and some are even texturized to further keep them from slipping out of your hands. Some grip cases even have different sized grip handle attachments. Plus, these cases also help protect your device against scratches, bumps, and drops.

When deciding which one to buy, there are occasional trade-offs you'll have to make. To avoid the hassle of having to remove your grip case each time for charging, there are dockable Switch cases, but for a less expensive but shock-absorbent case, you won't always get that convenience. And while all cases will add a little bit of protection to your Switch, ones with softer, shock-absorbent materials like silicone and TPU protect better than hard plastic, but also tend to be bulkier. Also, if you like to use the kickstand, you’ll want a case with kickstand access.

To help you find the right option for you, here’s my list of the best Nintendo Switch grip cases for a more comfortable grip and additional protection while gaming. There’s even a cult-favorite screen protector on this list to prevent scratches — which some reviewers report has even kept their Switch safe during serious drops.

1. The Overall Best Nintendo Switch Case

For a fair price, the Mumba grip protective cover case is a convenient dockable Switch case that lets you conveniently charge your device without having to remove it. This case also has a shock-absorbent TPU shell that’ll help prevent damage from drops, bumps, and the occasional scratch and while it doesn't offer the biggest grips you'll find on this list (or the option to switch them out to suit your hands and preferences) they do add ergonomic comfort compared to the Joy Cons themselves. It features a cutout to allow you to access to your Switch’s ports and buttons while the case is still on except for the kickstand. This grip case is available in red, green, navy, and black.

According to a fan: “This case is the perfect mix of protection meets function. The added air cushion/padding around the Joy-Cons adds just the right amount of grip for larger hands. The Joy-Cons feel more secure while in the case, while also being completely removable without having to take the Switch out of the case. And the Switch can still be put in the dock with the case on!”

2. A Sleek Grip & Case Bundle That Includes Thumb Sticks

This Satisfye slim bundle includes not only a silicone grip case for protection and easier handling but also comes with a sleek carrying case. There’s a handle on the secure zip-up carrying case along with a 10-slot cartridge pouch to store your games. Plus, this grip case has extended grips (a lot more substantial than you'd find with the first pick) for a firm and comfortable playing experience, especially for larger hands. Plus, it includes a pair of thumbsticks for better accuracy as well. However, this grip case isn't dockable, and there's no access to the kickstand while it's on.

According to a fan: “Before getting the Satisfye grip, playing the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode would become uncomfortable after about 15 minutes. My hands would start to go numb from the corners of the switch pressing into the palms of my hands. This grip cures that and makes the switch playable on road trips and flights.”

3. A Grip Case That Comes With Multiple Grips

If you want more than one size of grips at your disposal, the Skull & Co. grip case set for the Nintendo Switch is worth considering. This grip case features three different pairs: a snap, trigger, and extra-large grip. Plus, the slider design makes them easy to switch out. There are also enlarged ZL/ZR trigger buttons on the case made with cushioning TPU for added gaming comfort. This case is available in nine different color combinations ranging from the pink and green set shown to all-red or all-gray. Plus, it's dockable. The only drawback might be that you don't have kickstand access. And if you were looking for a carrying case, there's a grip and case set available that'll carry your Switch, AC adapter, all the grips, 10 games, and more. There's a Nintendo Switch Lite version available, too.

According to a fan: “I've tried out several grips for my switch [...] and this is my favorite overall. First off, it's super comfy to hold and eliminated the wrist pain I used to get when playing in handheld mode for longer periods of time. My favorite thing about this case are the trigger grips. They are easy to hold and imo are way more "natural" feeling than other grips that put the handles out to the side.”

4. An Affordable Protective Case That Gives You Kickstand Access

The Orzly protective case is a good option for those on a budget who mostly play in handheld mode and want serious comfort. This shock-absorbent TPU grip case is only $15 but is still shock-absorbent and comes with padded grip handles to make playing for long hours more comfortable. However, you’ll have to remove the case to dock your console. However, this one features a cutout giving you kickstand access, the only one on this list. It’s also thin enough to fit in most carrying cases. Choose from seven colors.

According to a fan: “The Orzly grip case literally lets me play my Switch in handheld for hours! It is so much more comfortable than when playing handheld without it.”

Also Great: A Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The Orzly glass screen protector is a nice addition for added protection. With over 10,000 five-star reviews, gamers love these two-packs of tempered-glass shields which are touch-sensitive, scratch-resistant, and even anti-fingerprint. It's designed specifically for the Switch, so it features cutouts for the sensors. Plus, most customers found it easy to install. Most importantly, it has helped its share of customers keep their switches safe even after dropping them.

According to a fan: “Last weekend worst came to the worst and not only did I drop my switch but it landed screen side down at an awkward angle onto a glass coffee mug, nothing to cushion the fall just the fragile screen vs an unforgiving hard surface. [...] The Orzly screen protector popped off and that screen was as fresh and clean as when I bought it. I'm posting this review after ordering another 2 pack to keep around but I can not stress how comfortable I am to have this screen in place, I can't imagine you could have a worse drop than I did and it did it's job.”

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