The 4 best gaming pillows to make playing in bed way more comfortable

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Research shows that the average adult over 20 spends 6.4 hours a day sitting — so you might as well be comfortable in your seat of choice. When you take your gaming to bed with you, however, you're likely leaning up against a hard headboard which is the opposite of comfy. The best gaming pillows for a bed support and cushion your body simultaneously, but there are some factors you'll need to consider first before buying: namely the shape, the filling, and the appearance.

Shape is arguably the most important thing. This will determine which areas of your body are supported. Some people find that a simple triangular wedge is enough to keep them comfortable, while others prefer head-to-toe cushioning that props up the neck, hugs the torso, and supports the legs. It's largely a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind that most of the time, the more intricate the pillow, the higher the cost.

Next, always check to see what's inside a pillow. Shredded memory foam is usually considered the best filling option because it's adaptive, resilient, breathable, and extremely comfortable. (Bonus points if you can add or remove stuffing to personalize the pillow's firmness.) Cheaper options might use some kind of synthetic fiberfill, which many people do like, but note that it might not hold its shape as well over time.

Last but not least, you'll want to make sure that you like the way your gaming pillow looks, especially since they're often bulky and difficult to store (read: hide). Choose a color that you like and make sure that if it's going to live on or near your bed permanently, you don't mind seeing it. If you don't plan on keeping it out all the time, choose a smaller pillow for easier storage.

Whether you're on your laptop, Xbox, tablet, phone, or Switch, these are the five best pillows to keep you comfortable while you're game in bed — plus one that supports your devices, too.

1. The overall best bed chair pillow

With its hundreds of reviews and 4.4-star rating, Amazon reviewers seem to agree that the Vekkia back support pillow is the best bed chair pillow around. Unlike some of its competitors, it has higher support arms and a taller frame, a detachable neck-roll pillow you can personalize to your needs, built-in pockets, a handle, and a durable, velvet-soft cover that can either be spot-cleaned or tossed in the washing machine. Last but not least, it's filled with shredded memory foam for structured support — and it comes with a bag of additional foam in case you want to add more later on for a firmer feel. If you want to pay about $20 less, Vekkia also sells a shorter version without a neck roll.

One reviewer wrote: "Finally a 'chair pillow' designed for a teenager and up! This is tall enough to actually lean back on and be supported while watching tv or playing video games. The headrest is detachable which is also a plus."

  • Filling: shredded memory foam
  • Color options: gray, black, brown, blue, and pink

2. The best budget gaming pillow

Affordable and easy to store, this Cheer Collection wedge is a great pick for those who want a quick fix for less than $50. Its triangular shape adds cushioning to your wall or headboard, its removable bolster can be secured in three different positions, and its side pocket can hold a remote, extra batteries, or your phone. Inside, you'll find shredded memory foam, and outside, there's a micro-plush fabric that's removable and washable — all for $40 in every color. Note that this is the smallest option here, so if you don't want to keep your gaming pillow on your bed, this one should take up minimal space in your closet or elsewhere.

One reviewer wrote: "Best back pillow for the price. Was a little worried when the packaging arrived and the pillow had been massively compressed, but filled out quickly and provides great back and neck support."

  • Filling: shredded memory foam
  • Color options: gray, black, sky blue, navy, purple, hot pink

3. A firm & versatile wedge pillow

For a blend of versatility and firm support, there's the Lunix three-piece orthopedic set. This combines three detachable pillows including a neck or head pillow which you can reconfigure for ideal support — place the neck pillow under your knees or ankles for a little elevation, or add some arm or lumbar support. Plus, the cover removable and washable, and this pillow is also hypoallergenic. It even comes with a bag for easier storage. However, it is worth noting that this one takes a little time to break in at first. The brand also offers a four-piece kit for even more options at about double the price.

One reviewer wrote: "The cover is plush and soft, but most importantly the memory foam is firm and comfortable. Nice that the neck foam piece is adjustable and doesn't slide around, stays put."

  • Filling: solid memory foam
  • Color options: brown/white (gray cover available)

4. An attractive gaming pillow

Support pillows are great while you're using them — but when you're not, they're bulky to store and typically don't look great. This one from WOWMAX in an exception. It comes in multiple lengths so just about anyone can find the best fit for their room, and even though the tufted pattern, corduroy fabric, and 13 different color options prioritize style, the wedge shape is designed to offer lumbar support and keep your spine at a comfortable angle while you're sitting up in bed. However, the polyester fiberfill might not be as durable as some of the other options.

One reviewer wrote: "This was the best purchase. I needed something to make my son's bed more usable when he was gaming with his friends. This bolster was the perfect size, it fit the length of his bed and filled a gap between the bed and the wall. I love the details of the buttons and how solid the bolster feels. All of his friends said that its great to lean up against and makes his bed feel like a couch."

  • Filling: polyester fiberfill
  • Color options: royal blue, coffee, deep blue, green, gray, jean blue, light blue, orange, purple, red, rose, sky blue, yellow

Also great: A pillow for your device

This pick supports your devices instead of your body — but one reviewer called it "one of the best purchases" they've made in quite a while. The Ontel Pillow Pad has a ledge-like lip to support your phone, tablet, e-reader, or Switch screen, but unlike the average device stand, it's soft, nonslip, and stuffed with lightweight foam. It even has a built-in side pocket and a versatile design that offers three different viewing angles.

One reviewer wrote: "This is probably one of the best purchases I have made in a long while. This is lightweight and it can sit it on my lap which makes it easier to read on my iPad as well as draw or play games. I have a wooden lap table but it is cumbersome and uncomfortable. This is great."

  • Filling: foam
  • Color options: red, blue, gray
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