The 4 best cheap gaming monitors — & they start at just $105

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best cheap gaming monitors

In the world of gaming, quality accessories aren't cheap. In some cases, a screen alone can cost upwards of $500 — but the best cheap gaming monitors offer a clear image for under $150, thanks to 1080p resolution, a refresh rate of at least 60Hz, and seamless connectivity. (It also never hurts to consult the reviews.)

First, you should know that at this price point, you probably won't be able to find a 4K monitor — not even a refurbished one. That said, a 1080p monitor which will create a sufficiently clear, full HD image that should meet your needs. And here's the thing: A lot of pro gamers prefer using a 1080p screen because more computational energy can go toward the screen's refresh rate, instead of resolution. Measured in hertz (or Hz), this rate is the number of times per second that a screen refreshes the image, and a higher rate means smoother, more precise images that are better able to process input. Keep in mind, however, that higher Hz monitors are more expensive, and at this price point, you're probably looking at either 60Hz or 75Hz, but you can spend a little extra for a higher rate.

Next, consider the size. Monitors are measured diagonally and will determine how immersive a game looks and feels, but — unsurprisingly — larger monitors are more expensive. They'll also take up more room on your desk, so rather than going overboard, find one that suits your gaming budget, as well as your specific setup. And of course, make sure that your computer has the right ports for your monitor of choice. All of the options below have HDMI ports, but some also offer DisplayPort or VGA connections.

Now that you know exactly which specs to look for, these are the four best cheap gaming monitors that'll give you plenty of bang for your buck — and they're all under $150.

1. The best gaming monitor under $150

The VIOTEK gaming monitor offers a refresh rate of 144Hz — the highest on the list — but it's still relatively affordable. It's got tons of other great features too, like a slim profile, 1080p resolution, and FreeSync and G-sync compatibility, in case you decide to upgrade your technology at some point to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering. Plus, the anti-glare screen has a blue light filter, so it goes easy on your eyes, even during hours of play. The tilt-adjustable monitor comes with a sturdy stand for your desk, but it's also easily mountable. The two drawbacks: It only comes in a 22-inch version, and there are no built-in speakers.

  • Size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Plug type: HDMI, DisplayPort

One reviewer wrote:

2. The best budget gaming monitor

With its 4,900-plus reviews and consistently high ratings, it's clear that gamers love the Sceptre LED monitor — especially for the price. It offers 24 inches of clear, vivid images, and it's extremely thin, so it'll fit mount easily to your wall or sit on your desk without taking up too much space. It doesn't tilt, but with the dual built-in speakers, fast response time, FreeSync compatibility, and three different size options (you can also get it in a 20-inch or 22-inch version), it's no wonder this one earns the title of "best budget monitor."

  • Size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Plug type: HDMI, VGA (DVI-convertible)

One reviewer wrote: "I like it. For the price you can’t beat it. Sounds great and has built in speakers so that’s awesome. I use it for my gaming laptop that runs in 1080."

3. The most eye-friendly pick

If you're a marathon gamer and often find yourself dealing with eye fatigue, the BenQ is the way to go. This 24-inch monitor has several built-in features for superior eye friendliness, including brightness intelligence that automatically adapts to your environment, zero-flicker technology that minimizes eye strain, and low blue-light emittance to prevent headaches and keep your circadian rhythm intact. (Yes, all that blue light can make it harder to fall asleep at night.) It also has built-in speakers and a cable management system for a sleeker, clutter-free desk. Although it's wall-mountable, the slim, tilt-adjustable monitor also comes with a space-efficient stand that won't take up tons of space. One thing to keep in mind: At 60Hz, it has the lowest refresh rate on the list. However, it's FreeSync-compatible, and an incredibly worthy option if eye fatigue is interfering with your gaming.

  • Size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Plug type: HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort

One reviewer wrote: "It is bright and vibrant. The blacks aren't quite as dark as I like and the refresh isn't crazy high, but for mid range gaming builds this is a solid choice. Nice look and form factor on the desk. I got 2 and I am pretty happy with the purchase. Definitely would recommend."

4. The best curved gaming monitor

A contoured monitor can immerse you in game play even more, thanks to an image that looks more like real life, and this curved gaming monitor is one of the best you can get for the price. Reviewers say the 1800R screen curvature "looks amazing" and "really helps with playing seriously," and you can adjust the tilt 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward for the optimal viewing angle. It also has built-in speakers, (though they're not the clearest) and the 75Hz refresh rate helps enhance play. Plus, it supports FreeSync, so you can upgrade for even smoother images.

  • Size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Plug type: HDMI, VGA

One reviewer wrote: "I was very skeptical about this monitor due to the very low price. But I will say that I am quite impressed with the quality. The picture is great, even while playing online games such as Overwatch, and WOW. [... If you're] looking for an affordable curved monitor this is a darn good one."

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