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Where to find Ivarr in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Here's where this pesky NPC is located so you can continue the "Rumors of Ledesestre" quest line.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has evolved Ubisoft's flagship adventure franchise into one of the most enormous open-world role-playing games in recent memory, and it's all about a clan of Vikings settling in England in the 9th century. The title's massive scale is complemented by its unique, exploration-based approach to side quests and main missions that Valhalla calls "Arcs."

Spoiler for Assassin's Creed Valhalla main story missions ahead.

One of the first Arcs you'll encounter is The Kingmaker's Saga, which begins with the The Songs of Ragnar mission that sends Valhalla protagonist Eivor off to track down and slay King Burgred to expand the Raven Clan's power in the Ledecestrescire region.

Finding certain quest objectives can be occasionally difficult in 'Valhalla.'


The Arc remains straightforward until you get to the third mission called Rumors of Ledesestre that directs Eivor to speak with the lookout Ivarr in the city of Ledesestre who has some leads on Burgred's whereabouts. Ubisoft designed Valhalla's quest trackers to be less intrusive to improve player emersion, but that means it's occasionally tricky to find certain Arc objectives in Valhalla's sprawling map.

Here's where to find Ivarr to continue Rumors of Ledesestre and what to expect afterward.

Travel to Ledecestre

Ledecestre's location in 'Valhalla.'


First things first: You'll need to shove off to Ledecestre. The simplest way to do this is to hop on your longboat and travel along the Soar River until you eventually wind up at Ledecestre's dock, which is northeast from the Glen Ford Camp.

Once you're anchored you'll notice a damaged tower overlooking the dock. If you're having trouble spotting it, use your trusty raven Synin (Up on the directional pad for console controllers or the V button on PC) to find it. You'll find Ivarr waiting for you on top.

Here's what the tower will look like once you disembark your longboat.

You'll find Ivarr at the top of this tower overlooking the Ledecestre dock.


Help Ivarr locate his lost scout

You've you find him, Ivarr will inform you that he sent a scout to search for King Burgred but he hasn't returned. Fearing that he might be dead, Ivarr sends you to pick up where the scout left off.

He'll tell you to go explore a church and an old bathhouse in town. You can completely forgo the bathhouse unless you want extra loot and story tidbits; Ivarr's scout Ceolbert is in the church.

Ceolbert will be cooped up inside of a storage room in the Ledecestre church. Help him escape to continue The Kingmaker's Saga Arc.


He'll be locked in a room on the second floor, and you'll need to kill the guard with the key downstairs to set him free. Ceolbert will tell you that King Burgred isn't in Ledecestre after all, which you'll get a hint of if you explore the bathhouse. But he's heard word that the king's wife, Lady Aethelswith, is in another town named Templebrough.

From there, you'll need to get Ceolbert to safety by escorting him out of the church and defending him in the skirmish that breaks out as you two are leaving. Once you regroup with Ivarr you'll gain the next mission in The King Maker's Saga, The Walls of Templebrough, which requires Eivor to find Lady Aethelswith and continue their quest towards defeating King Burgred.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is out now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.