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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has some sweet bonuses for Pocket Camp players

Awaken the camper in you with some very special merch.

In the eight-year gap between releasing New Leaf and New Horizons, Nintendo tried a multitude of Animal Crossing spin-offs, but nothing really hit the itch like the mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. With the release of New Horizons, the mobile game is giving players a chance to score some exclusive Pocket Camp themed goodies, which you can grab right now.

Input: Take this jacket camping and you'll never get rained out again

Make sure that the Nintendo account linked to your Nintendo Switch is the same one linked to Pocket Camp. If it's not, you won't be able to claim your rewards in New Horizons. Also make sure that your Switch is connected to the internet, as it will be necessary later in the process.

How to get Pocket Camp goodies in New Horizons

  1. Boot up Pocket Camp and link your Nintendo account to the app.
  2. Click the menu button on the bottom right. It should have an icon featuring four squares.
  3. Within the menu, click the "My Nintendo" button, which features a silver coin and the classic Animal Crossing leaf.
  4. You will be directed to the Pocket Camp My Nintendo rewards page. Once there, select the reward labeled "Special Order Ticket."
  5. You will be rewarded with 50 Leaf Tickets to be used in Pocket Camp and a code that can be redeemed to gain some cool Pocket Camp DLC!
  6. Redeem the code by either using the Nintendo eShop code redemption page on Nintendo's website or through your Switch. For the latter, open the eShop on your Switch and scroll down to "Enter Code." Redeem your 16 digit code and you'll get a Pocket Camp sized addition to New Horizons. You may need to close and reopen your game to see the additions appear.

Once you're back in New Horizons, in a very Nookian move, your Pocket Camp goodies are available if you have a couple of thousand bells, the Animal Crossing currency. You can purchase them from the Nook Stop through the Nook Shopping page. The items can be found on the tab labeled 'Promotion.' Please note that all items will arrive via mail, meaning that while you might purchase them today, they won't be in your possession until the following day.

The Pocket Camp items available in New Horizons on Switch are:

  • Brake Tapper
  • Campsite sign
  • Fortune-cookie cart
  • Market Place decoration
  • OK Motors sign
  • Pocket modern camper
  • Pocket vintage camper
  • OK Motors cap
  • Camper tee
  • OK Motors jacket

It's currently unknown if this selection will change at any point or if the 'deal' will expire down the line. Happy camping!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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