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Amnesia: Rebirth endings: How to unlock all 3 finales

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Amnesia: Rebirth is the follow-up to the seminal horror-survival game Amnesia: The Dark Descent from 2010. Indie developer Frictional Games continued its legacy of making bloodcurdling interactive psychological thrillers with its latest release. Instead of reinventing the series, the studio leaned into many of the best aspects of The Dark Descent.

Rebirth's 10-hour plot can conclude with three possible endings depending on the players' actions during the final stage of the title. Fortunately, Frictional has made it easy to experience all three endings in just one playthrough.

The game will automatically save a separate load file once you reach the final sequences of Rebirth. This way gamers can just load their game back up once they let the credits roll once to see the other two possible endings.

Heavy endgame spoilers for Amnesia: Rebirth follow. Read at your own discretion.

Here's how to see all three endings for 'Amnesia Rebirth.'

Frictional Games

Rebirth will save the game once you repair the elevator in the tower that you chased Doctor Anton Metzier into after he kidnaps protagonist Tasi Trianon's newborn baby, Amari. That will take you into an enormous throne room. That is where the spectral glow that has followed you around for a majority of the game will reveal itself to be a matriarchal deity.

The spirit reveals that Amari is chronically ill and will wither away if Tasi tries to return home with her. It then urges Tasi to leave her child in the throne room, reassuring Tasi that Amari will live if she remains.

Leave Amari: "Harvester" ending

Leaving Amari behind will trigger the "Harvester" ending.

Frictional Games

The first ending is unlocked by obeying the spirit and leaving Amari in the nursery found in the throne room. If you place Amari in the crib, the spirit will turn you into a Ghoul (the husk-like monsters you ran away from for most of the story) which will cause you to lose continuousness.

You'll wake up in your new form and throw away the notebook you've scribbled memories into for the entire game. Then the game ends and you'll receive the "Harvester" achievement.

Take Amari: "Provider" ending

The teleporter will take Tasi and Amari back to Paris if you activate it.

Frictional Games

If you choose to take Amari back to Paris, you'll need to also grab the power cell in the nursery to use it and power the teleporter outside. Once you exit the nursery the spirit will begin to attack you, use the structures in the throne room to avoid its magnetic gaze. Struggle if you get caught by mashing the movement keys or joysticks.

Once you're out and into the teleporter room, power it with the cell you took from the nursery and return to Paris. Once you're back home, the game will end and you'll receive the "Provider" ending.

Secret Ending: "Iconoclast" ending

The door you'll need to find in order to go through with the secret ending.

Frictional Games

The hidden ending is a slight variation to the "Provider" ending. This time instead of heading for the large doorway that leads to the teleport, walk past it. You'll see a smaller entry with a large light fixture above it.

That room will lead you to three smaller chambers that you'll need to use the power cell you took from the nursery to unlock. Each room will have its own valve that you'll need to activate by injecting them and activating them. This will result in the destruction of the spirit and seemingly, the entire world.

Players will unlock the "Iconoclast" achievement if they go through with the secret ending.

Amnesia: Rebirth is available now for PC and PS4.

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