'Fortnite' Chapter 2 launch trailer's huge in-game twist is brilliant

The in-game trailer has a huge surprise.

Season X felt like an underwhelming trip through Fortnite: Battle Royale’s past, but the very first moments of Chapter 2, Season 1 for every player present one of the coolest experiences to ever happen in the game. Even when you’ve jumped out of the battle bus a million times before, the Chapter 2 launch trailer manages to make it incredibly special this time around.

The hashtag #firstdrop is being used all over social media to represent the new season, but it more specifically refers to something awesome that happens in-game while you’re watching the trailer. The full trailer on YouTube runs 2:04, with the back half showing a montage of new mechanics and locations. The first time you log on to Fortnite for Chapter 2, however, you’re forced to watch the video without the option to skip — because something incredible happens midway through.

At about the 1:00 mark, you hear the familiar honk of the battle bus and it appears while “Ruckus” by Konata Small begins to blare.

The battle bus comes careening towards the new island in the trailer.

Epic Games

The beat slaps, and it’s all about starting a ruckus. We see tons of characters aboard the bus dancing and having a total blast. With a smile plastered to his face, Jonesy dives right out the back door. On YouTube, the trailer keeps going, but in-game, you control Jonesy on your very first dive down to the new island

It’s nothing short of brilliant as Fortnite transitions seamlessly from a hyped-up video into free-falling a thousand feet above the ground. Even if you’ve done it countless times before, this time feels different.

Even if you've skydived a thousand times, the way this one feels in the moment is intense.

Epic Games

Surely, something like this has happened in the world of gaming before, but it feels unprecedented and shocking in the moment. Normally, the in-game trailer is identical to what you’d see online, and after you watch it (or skip it), you’re taken to the main menu. The forced gameplay is a surprise, and especially because we’re talking about a brand-new map that’s all greyed out before you visit the named locations, you’re literally plunging into an alien world.

To add to all the hype, Epic Games deployed bots to play against everyone in their first few matches, which accounts for the surprising increase in Victory Royales this season. Say what you will about the quality of Season X, but Epic Games really stuck the landing with Chapter 2 when it comes to generating hype.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 2, Season 1 is now active on all platforms.

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