'John Wick Hex' Release Date, Trailer, Pre-Orders, Gameplay, and More

John Wick Hex promises a combination of old-school graphics with unique gameplay that mixed XCOM-style tactical strategy with time-based mechanics similar to the virtual reality hit Superhot, all set in the world of John Wick.

by Allie Gemmill

The world of John Wick is expanding with a new videogame, John Wick Hex. The first gameplay demos were brought to E3 2019, allowing curious prospective players to dive into the world popularized by the John Wick franchise, including the most recent installment, John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum.

John Wick Hex promises a combination of old-school graphics with unique gameplay that mixed XCOM-style tactical strategy with time-based mechanics similar to the virtual reality hit Superhot, all set in the world of John Wick. Players will have to put their tactical fighting skills to good use as they channel the Baba Yaga, taking out enemies as they go through the main story mode. Adding to the tension is the knowledge you’ll only have a finite amount of ammo and weapons at your disposal. Are you ready to get creative?

Here’s everything you need to know about John Wick Hex from Bithell Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment, including the release date, pre-order information, which John Wick cast members are lending their talents to the game, and what you can expect from the gameplay.

Test your skills as John Wick in this new game.

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When Will John Wick Hex Be Released?

No confirmation on a release date has been shared. The game announcement was made in May 2019 and teased again at E3 2019.

Can I Pre-Order John Wick Hex?

You can pre-order John Wick Hex on the Epic Games website right now for $17.99.

Who Created John Wick Hex?

John Wick Hex was created by Bithell Games, the indie gaming company behind Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular, and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment in partnership with Lionsgate. The game will be distributed through Epic Games.

Do you have what it takes to be John Wick?

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Is There a Trailer For John Wick Hex?

An announcement trailer for John Wick Hex was released back in May 2019, shortly before Parabellum was released in theaters. The trailer gave prospective players the first look at the strategy game, with The Continental’s concierge Charon (played by Lance Reddick in the movies and voiced by him for this game, too) narrating what the game will be like.

What Is the John Wick Hex Gameplay Like?

According to Bithell and Good Shepherd’s description, John Wick Hex will be a “fast-paced, action-oriented strategy game that makes you think and strike like John Wick” which will require played to use “precise strategic thinking” as they make their way through the game, deploying similar fighting styles and weaponry tactics seen in the John Wick films.

IGN tested out John Wick Hex while at E3 2019 and compared the gameplay to “improvisational dance.” The hands-on report notes that the game recreates the “gun-fu” fight style the films have become known for. Additionally, the game operates on a timeline and “every action you take, from punching to shooting to rolling, will take a set amount of time, and you can see the queued up actions of all the enemies around you as well.”

How Can I Play John Wick Hex? Will It Be Available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One?

Console information is coming soon. For now, we know you’ll be able to play John Wick Hex on Mac and Windows PC.

The fight is coming to you.

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Is John Wick Hex Related to the John Wick Movie Franchise?

John Wick Hex is certainly inspired by the world of John Wick and the events of Parabellum and makes use of both of those things for the game. But the two properties are not directly linked, meaning there won’t be any material related to John Wick 4 in John Wick Hex (as far as we can tell from the information available) and there will be no official movie tie-ins with the game.

What is notable and exciting, however, is the confirmation that Reddick and Ian McShane will be delivering voice performances to the John Wick Hex versions of their characters, Charon and Winston, respectively. Other John Wick actors may be confirmed for the rest of the voice cast when that announcement is made in the near future.

Is Keanu Involved?!

Sadly, only Keanu Reeves’ likeness has made it’s way into the video game — for now. There’s the possibility he could be announced as part of the voice cast (if/when that announcement is made), but it’s unlikely his name hasn’t been mentioned yet since he’s the star of the movie franchise and would be a big draw.

If you want to see Keanu in your video games, maybe try Cyberpunk 2077?

John Wick Hex is coming soon to Mac and Windows PC.

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