'Fortnite' Mom Plays for the Very First Time on 'Squad Up'

And it was hilarious.

For a lot of gamers, having your mom jump on the headset and chat with your teammates probably sounds like a nightmare. But this is one of those rare times when it is a pure delight.

The hosts of Squad Up, the internet’s first Fortnite talk show that takes place entirely inside of the video game, played a few games with rising internet star Whitney Cicero from The New Stepford, whose recent video “Moms Lip Sync to Their Kids Playing Fortnite” is blowing up the internet. In an attempt to figure out why her 12-year-old son has been so obsessed with the game for five months straight, this mommy blogger decided to see what all the fuss was about by finally diving in and playing Fortnite for herself.

They chat about her inspiration to make the video, how Fortnite is changing the way she raises kids, and how much she hates V-Bucks.

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Whitney experiences new things in Fortnite — which is basically every five seconds. And instead of laughing off the game as just some dumb thing her son is into, she truly tries to understand how it works and what makes it so important to him: “And so you meet people from all around the world and just hang out and play games? This is really, really fun. I kinda get it.”

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