45 genius solutions to your stupid video game problems on Amazon

There are minor bumps on the road to gaming glory. Here are 45 purchases you can make to solve them all.

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There may be new consoles coming out, but that doesn't mean you need to suffer gaming woes until then. Who among us hasn't been irked by short controller cables, worn-out joysticks, and haphazard storage? Your gaming ought to be like an emotional and spiritual sanctuary, not a chaotic fraternity dorm room.

Even if you plan on adding to your gaming situation with fancy new consoles like the Xbox Series or PlayStation 5, that still doesn't mean you should put up with gaming's dumbest shortcomings. Below, we've got 45 of the easiest, smartest, and sometimes even simplest genius solutions we could find on Amazon to solve some of the dumbest problems in video games.

If you've still got a few bucks after dropping wads of cash on the new consoles, behold your most useful gaming buyer's guide.

1. iSeekerKit 15 ft long USB cable

While primarily a phone solution, USB cables will also come in handy for your Xbox and PlayStation controllers. At 15 feet, you can plug them to your consoles and sit anywhere in the living room.

2. KontrolFreek Thumbsticks

We've covered the virtues of KontrolFreek's thumbsticks before, but they remain one of our favorite solutions to worn-out thumbsticks. They also elevate and improve your game in the most subtle ways that are made known when you've topped the leaderboards.

3. Skywin VR Headset and Game Stand

A simple storage solution that keeps your games nice and organized and not on the floor. Also comes with a handy mount for your PSVR or Oculus headset, which is a major plus if you've made the leap to virtual reality.

4. BrainWavz Controller Wall Mout

Using an extra-strong adhesive not even Hercules could tear off, BrainWavz's controller wall mounts are an elegant way to store and display your most important gaming weaponry. These are extra nice if you've got one of them custom controllers and want to show them off in a tasteful way.

5. Excquisite Sonic Controller Holder

Another controller storage solution, this time it's combining collectible statues with convenience. Exquisite has a large line of gaming mascots willing and eager to hold your controllers in between marathons. Our favorite is Sonic, but do also check out Vault Boy, Street Fighter's Ryu, Darth Vader, and Crash Bandicoot.

6. RDS Nintendo Switch Case

Chances are you've already seen these in person at GameStop or Walmart, but don't underestimate them. These officially licensed Nintendo Switch cases are the first and last cases you'll ever need. With a hardshell ballistic nylon exterior, these cases protect your prized Switch consoles with tactical style. If the heroes of Mission: Impossible were gamers, they'd trust RDS' Switch case.

7. RDS Nintendo Switch Deluxe Case

Basically the same as above, the Deluxe offers more storage space to also include your Switch dock and a Pro Controller. Before the pandemic, this was my preferred way of keeping my Switch during travels.

While you're probably not traveling in a pandemic, these are still an excellent way to store your Switch if you want to make room for the new consoles.

8. Steelseries Gaming Surface

Not just an oversized mousepad. Steelseries' Gaming Surfaces are the final touch to your PC set up that not only acts as an oversized mousepad, it's also a perfect way of keeping keyboard scratches from your desk and a cup coaster. It's all very functional to keep your actual desk's surface clean, and it does so with style.

9. Razer Mouse Bungee

You probably never realized how dumb your wired gaming mouse looks all crumbled up on your desk. The Razer Mouse Bungee solves that ugliness by providing an easy, clean way of preventing your mouse cord from being an eyesore.

10. Gunnar Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Man was not made to stare at computer screens for so long. Gunnar's Optiks glasses filter our harmful ultraviolet rays that can leave lasting damage to your eyesight. Get this and your future self will thank you.

11. Tokye Cable Management Box

We may be a wireless age, but there's still too many wires! Tokye's cable management box is an excellent solution that literally boxes up your wires and keeps your space neat from clutter.

12. Mavo Craft Lap Desk

If you just want to surf the internet on your laptop while watching The Boys on your couch, get a Mavo Craft Lap Desk, which allows you to have a flat surface for laptops and tablets that won't hurt at the knees.

13. xCloud mobile clip

Microsoft is pushing cloud gaming pretty hard this generation. Get ready for the revolution with this low-cost clip that attaches your phone to your Xbox controller. Get it now so you can jump into the future of gaming ASAP.

14. New Bee Headphone Stand

If you haven't invested in a headphone stand, what are you, a caveman? Keep your headset off the floor with a nice and simple headphone stand that costs just a little more than a cup of coffee.

15. Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset

We've featured these luxe gaming headsets before for good reason: They're so good. For both gamers and working professionals who want to be heard loud and clear on Zoom, try Logitech's best gaming headset. You won't regret it.

16. FYoung Dockable Nintendo Switch Case

Allow me to attest to this one personally: These are the best clear Nintendo Switch cases you'll ever have. I bought them primarily for Joy-Con protection, as the clear plastic prevents my sweaty palms from distorting the cool NES-style vinyl skin I applied. But the actual console protection is also ideal for everyday drops. The fact it still allows your Switch to dock (along with a clear case to prevent scratching during docking) makes this an essential Switch accessory.

17. Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

Alternatively, Mumba's Switch case enables a real, mean grip on your console while also affording it more drop protection. Definitely an alternative that's more than worthwhile..

18. RDS Switch GoPlay Grip Stand

Another alternative for Switch grips, RDS offers a non-dockable but easy to remove grip that makes playing in portable infinitely more comfortable on the hands and wrists. If you play your Switch in portable mode most of the time, this is probably what you need for your wrists to stop aching.

19. 8bitdo N30 Pro 2

8bitdo are the go-to masters of bluetooth controllers, and the folks outdid themselves with the N30 Pro 2. I've taken this little guy on many trips (again, before the pandemic) and it's always felt great to play The Messenger on the go in this way. It's a bit small for big hands, but if you really want to play retro games with a controller that isn't the utterly obnoxious Joy-Cons, N30 Pro 2 is your savior.

20. Chinfai Controller Cover

I've had sweaty palms when I game since I was a kid, and it's always left my controllers looking gross. Chinfai's rubber controllers, which also bundle in some neat joystick covers, are my favorite solution. These not only keep my controllers free from my cruddy hands, they add a decent layer of protection when I chuck the thing across the room because of Dark Souls.

Same as above, but this one is for the Nintendo Switch's Pro Controller. Also very useful as the Pro Controller is a pretty sensitive piece of hardware with an Amiibo reader. You'll want your Pro Controller protected especially when you bring it with you for Smash Bros.

Again, the same, but for Xbox One users! TBD if this is also compatible on the similarly-built Xbox Series controllers.

21. Power A Xbox Charge station

It has been my genuine surprise to learn that some folks don't actually know when to charge their controller batteries. Hopefully picking up PowerA's charge stands, like this one for Xbox One, can prevent you feeling like an idiot when your buds want to play Gears of War and you can't because you don't have fresh batteries.

22 PDP PlayStation 4 Ultra Slim Charge Station

Similar to PowerA's Xbox stands, PDP also offers charge stations for PlayStation 4, and in a slim design that doesn't take up too much shelf space.

23. Heatfun Nintendo Switch Charging Dock

If your set up is so complicated that you can't charge your Switch and store your games and accessories, Heatfun has you covered in this wild monstrosity that functions better than it looks.

24. Hyperkin Xbox One "Duke" Wired Controller

I don't know what problem the original Xbox controller, nickname the "Duke," solves except for a specific kind of nostalgia yearning. But who doesn't want to feel like it's 2002 again?

25. Elgato Stream Deck

For streamers or those aspiring to be in quarantine, you'll want to pick up Elgato's Stream Deck. This handy tool allows you to add shortcut buttons to your setup, allowing you to go online, offline, and make transitions with the literal press of a button.

26. Soundproof Panel Tiles

Another one for streamers. If you gotta rage-scream for content but don't want to wake up the pets, consider adding sound-absorbing tiles to your walls.

27. Lenovo Legion Armored Backpack

I can't stress enough that you shouldn't be going anywhere during a pandemic. But if you must travel and you need to bring your PC with you, Lenovo's armored backpack will protect your goods. It's up to you to protect yourself.

28. PowerA Switch Controllers 3-Pack

PowerA knows exactly who they're targeting with this 3-pack controllers: Super Smash Bros. fans. Because it's hella annoying to always carry around a nearly 20 year old GameCube controller, third-party game companies like PowerA have gone hard into making GameCube-style controllers for the Nintendo Switch. And PowerA did everyone a favor with this three pack set that ensures everyone at the party can play Smash.

In a pandemic, you're probably not having Smash Bros. parties — but you can play with your partner or roommates!

29. PDP Xbox One Media Remote

If you're the type to binge-watch Netflix on your consoles, seriously consider picking up PDP's media remote for the Xbox One console. Instead of having to leave your controller plugged in or on standby and risk hitting the wrong button (because game controllers are not meant to pause or skip Blu-rays), just pick up a $20 media remote and save yourself the headaches.

30. PDP PS4 Media Remote

Same as above. PDP also made one for PlayStation 4 users, and it's just as helpful.

31. Collective Minds Xbox One Mod Pack

One of the main attractions to investing in premium controllers are "pro" features like additional triggers that allow you to map buttons to different fingers. It's a useful tool that can make all the difference in games like Overwatch. But for those who don't want to spend oodles of dollars on those controllers, Collective Minds has a useful add-on that costs just a fraction of what you'd have to pay for. This one is for Xbox One.

32. Collective Minds PS4 Mod Pack

Same as above. Collective Minds didn't forget gamers of PS4, and have a Mod Pack available for that controller too.

33. Medialink Gigabit Router

Probably the least sexy accessory and solution on this whole list, and also the most useful. If there are other people soaking up the wi-fi in your home or apartment, consider picking up MediaLink's gigabit router. This wireless device boosts the existing wi-fi signal already in your home, allowing you to have a stronger connection wherever you are. If you can, plug your consoles directly into this using an ethernet cable and you'll have one hell of a signal.

34. amFilm Anti-Glare Switch Screen Protector

Nothing too fancy here, but definitely a life-saver. Save your Switch from ugly scratches with this thin piece of anti-glare protection.

35. Sandisk Nintendo Switch Memory Card

If you've loaded up your Switch with so many games and need more space, pick up Sandisk's official Nintendo Switch memory card. This tiny thing adds an additional 128 gigabytes to your console, allowing you to download even more games to the most versatile console.

36. Switch Multi-Angle Tablet Stand

I looked high and low for a Nintendo Switch stand that is functional, versatile, and portable, and I've arrived at this. For $15, Lamicall has perhaps the best Switch table stand that also takes into account the oddly-placed wire beneath the console. When not in use, this piece is super foldable, allowing it to hide and slip into even the most packed travel bag.

37. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Whether you're streaming or attending work/school meetings on Zoom, a Blue Yeti microphone is a must. It's a notch above using your computer's internal microphone or Apple AirPods, allowing your voice to come through crisp and clearly than anyone else on the Discord.

38. Mudder Foam Microphone Cover

...and when you do get a Blue Yeti, pick up this foam cover. For just seven bucks, you can ensure your expensive Blue Yeti isn't ruined by your gross spit, as saliva can degrade the quality of your microphone.

39. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad

Spending hours behind a computer for work and play can really mess up the wrists. That's where a wrist rest comes in. And while some gaming keyboards may come with a wrist rest, most do not. Glorious Gaming steps up to serve that void, and it's absolutely a worthwhile investment. Your wrists will thank you.

40. ComfyBrace Posture Corrector

Not necessarily a gaming problem, but gamers marathoning video games are prone to terrible posture. And chances are, they're not on proper ergonomic chairs. Consider ComfyBrace's Posture Corrector, a back strap that will be uncomfortable, but necessary to ensure your back isn't left a mess.

41. Sabrent USB Hub

Got too many USB devices and not enough USB ports? That's what this does. Simple. Cheap. Necessary.

42. 4K HDMI Switch

Got too many HDMI devices and not enough HDMI ports? Now that's a gaming issue, and that's what Newcare's HDMI switcher does well.

43. NZXT Puck

NZXT manufactures high-end PCs with gamers in mind, and that's all the more clear with their most affordable product: A magnetic "puck" that is housed on their PC towers (or anywhere on a metal surface). This thing holds any headset you've got, complete with a cavity ring to feed wires through. This thing is so crazy useful despite being so crazy simple.

44. Sunnors Memory Foam Chair Armrest Pad

You don't know your desk chair is uncomfortable until you realize it. If your desk chair lacks proper padding at the arms, this sub-$20 add on gives you luxurious comfort at a budget price.

45. Fantasy Lab Rocking Video Gaming Chair

What problem does this solve? I don't know. I just know it's fun to have a rocking chair while gaming. And you will too.

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