Longevity Hacks

Why one type of massage can help muscles heal faster — study

There’s a curious link between mechanical stimulation, skeletal muscle repair, and immune function.

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Does your back hurt? How one surprising lifestyle tweak can reduce pain

Fight back.

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Exercises for better posture: 2 hacks lifters should try now

Here's how weight lifters can improve one critical feature, their posture, and why that's critical for strength.

Check, Please!

Can you drink too much water? A hydration scientist explains the myth

“If you catch yourself going to the bathroom every 15 to 20 minutes, you’re overdoing it.”

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Study pinpoints the best time to exercise if you want better sleep

When it comes to promoting sleep, not all forms of exercise are made equal.

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Why this one type of exercise is three times better than walking

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Best stretching exercises: Why lifting is about more than strength

Here's how weight lifters can improve through mobility work and stretching.


What causes Muscle Dysmorphia? Symptoms, treatment, and more

An apparent rise in Muscle Dysmorphia among men is worrying experts because the disorder can be dangerous

Longevity Hacks

Want to get better at exercising? Scientists endorse these 2 fitness hacks

New research endorses choosing specific goals and pushing yourself to start immediately.

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Is grip strength important for weight lifting? 3 facts you need to know

Here's how to improve one of the most important elements of weight lifting.

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Why gaining weight when lifting weights isn’t a problem

Here are three questions weight lifters need to ask.

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Scientists find the best time to eat protein for muscle growth

Getting swole can be a matter of meal timing.

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The one piece of equipment you need to achieve strength, cardio, and health

Kettlebells are a deceptively simple way to get fit.

cardio conundrum

How cycling compares to other cardio

Choosing the best exercise is more than calories burned.

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The invisible exercise that might count more than your workout

Our “hidden” exercise matters more than we think

Longevity hacks

One type of exercise reliably lowers your risk of death, scientists say

Biking decreases the risk of mortality for those with diabetes, reports a new study. Scientists say this benefit is likely to be seen by all cyclists.