Mind and Body

Does the Best Workout Exist? Exercise Scientists All Agree on One Thing

Here’s what researchers say about the most optimal ways to exercise.

Mind and Body

The Future of You

This week, Inverse explores the future of personal health. Is menstruating finally optional? What’s the most optimal way to work out? And will the next computer live inside our brains? Welcome to the future of you.

Mind and Body

Scientists recommend 5 minutes of walking to combat your worst habit

Exercise snackies anyone?

Longevity hacks

Feel tired after eating? Try this one easy activity to boost energy and health

Ultimately, any movement is good movement.

Mind and Body

This overlooked biometric on fitness trackers could reveal how healthy your heart is

Heart rate variability can tell you a lot about your cardiovascular health.

Mind and Body

Are you exhausted or just tired? Experts explain the unique condition and how to combat it

Exhaustion isn’t the same as being tired.

Mind and Body

These simple hacks could boost your flu and Covid-19 vaccines’ effectiveness

Eat, sleep, move: It’s all about doing the things that promote a healthy immune system.

Mind and Body

Walking backward could help with back pain — and carry other health benefits

One of the most well-studied benefits of walking backward is improving stability and balance.

Future Of Sleep

Can health wearables help you sleep better? Here’s what your trackers are actually measuring

Consumer devices meant to track sleep don’t measure sleep quality directly.


Is antiperspirant bad for you? Dermatologists debunk the persistent fear

Stories about the harms of antiperspirants have been around for decades. But is there any truth to them?


How often should you wash your hair? A dermatologist cuts through the hype of the "no-poo" movement

Is there any science behind the “no-poo” movement?

Men's Health

Experimental therapy may mimic a key metabolic effect of exercise — mouse study

What if there was a pill that induced the positive metabolic effects of exercise?

Longevity hacks

One powerful breathing technique could boost a key factor for longevity

Do you even IMST, bro?

Mind and Body

Are muscle knots real? An exercise physiologist explains what they really are

Researchers are still trying to figure out the exact physiological mechanisms within the muscle that cause this reaction.

Longevity hacks

This indispensable habit reduces your risk of getting Covid-19

Surprise — an exercise habit protects us against the novel pathogen.

Pet Science

Why is my dog lazy? New research explains the frustrating answer

Heal thyself and you will help your pup.