Longevity hacks

Longevity hack: Study supports an extra workout perk from coffee

Coffee before exercise helps you feel the burn (literally).

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Need to take a weight lifting break? Use these ‘eccentric’ exercises instead

All exercises contain three phases of movements.

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Can you lift weights too much? How to get stronger, sustainably

In a technical sense, it’s impossible to lift too much. But over time it’s unavoidable.

Mask up

New study debunks 1 of the biggest concerns about wearing a mask

Recent research updates guidance for Covid-19 and exercise.

longevity hacks

Exercising leads to unexpected benefits deep in your bones

Movement stimulates bone regeneration and strengthens the immune system.

Brain training

5 best exercises to boost brain health

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How to solve the muscle problem that’s coming for us all

Fitness hacks

Science reveals the best type of exercise to reverse Covid-19 inactivity

Research suggests there's a simple way to boost energy and improve productivity.

Hit the trail

Winter hikers explain how to use nature for a meditative escape

“Winter hiking can actually transport you to an entirely new realm.”

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Can athletes weight lift too much? Tom Brady’s workouts trigger a debate

Most in the NFL workout with serious weight — except the league's most famous player.

10,000 steps or bust?

Health experts reveal the ideal number of steps a day to stay healthy

Where did the 10,000 steps-a-day target actually come from?

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How to keep weight lifting, even when life gets in the way

You can create a workout plan compatible with your schedule.