Longevity hacks

One type of exercise reliably lowers your risk of death, scientists say

Biking decreases the risk of mortality for those with diabetes, reports a new study. Scientists say this benefit is likely to be seen by all cyclists.

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How to choose the right weight lifting shoes

Human juice

Why scientists want to harvest your sweat while you sleep

Engineers from UCSD designed a new sweat-based wearable that can collect sweat while you sleep to create enough energy to power a small digital display.

move sleep repeat

“Synergistic” study finds this action can counter the effects of poor sleep

Increased physical activity can “mitigate some of the health risks” that come with poor sleep.

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How sore is too sore? What every weight lifter needs to know

While soreness can be brutal, it’s not exactly pain.

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How giant bullet chess accidentally made chess sporty


Step it up

How many steps does it take to live longer? It’s quantity over quality

Every step counts in the race against death.

Longevity hacks

One change to your TV-watching routine may keep you healthier longer

That Netflix binge-watching habit may come back to haunt you.


Core strength: why is it important and how do you maintain it?

Many people have become more sedentary in recent times with lockdowns and working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shaping up

Health experts reveal the number of weeks it takes to become “unfit”

If you’re talking about cardio, it’s a matter of days. Muscles, on the other hand...

Live long and prosper

Heart study reveals how many minutes of exercise you need to live longer

Just another reason to add HIIT workouts to your fitness routine.

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Why butts are the “Trojan horse” way to get healthy

Don't underestimate the butt.