Trouble in Paradise

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6 trailer teases a shocking new betrayal

Heartbreak is on the horizon in Sicily.


Going into the final episodes of the White Lotus Season 2 there’s still a lot that remains unresolved amongst the guests at the show’s Sicilian resort. In fact, as of last week, a few more bombshells were dropped. Without a doubt, The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6 will bring on even more tension that has the audience begging to see what goes down in the season finale.

Before you dive into the season’s penultimate episode, here’s everything you need to know about White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6’s release date and time, plot, and a recap of last week’s episode.

When is The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6’s release date?

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6 lands on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

What is The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6’s release time?

The White Lotus arrives at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO and HBO Max every Sunday.

How many episodes are left in The White Lotus Season 2?

The seven episodes of The White Lotus Season 2 are flying by. After this week’s installment, only the finale is left.

As Portia gets closer to Jack, will she learn who he really is?


What is the plot of The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6?

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6, entitled “Abductions,” will see Ethan growing increasingly suspicious of Cameron and his motives, especially when it comes to Harper. Given the events at the end of Episode 5, Tanya will try to vaguely warn Portia about Jack. And Lucia joins the Di Grasso men on a road trip around the island to reconnect with their long-lost relatives.

Is there a The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6 trailer?

Yes, HBO released a preview of Episode 6, and things aren’t looking good for the vacationers. The promo shows an awkward conversation between Ethan and Harper about their relationship, with Harper mentioning that they might be unattracted to each other. Tanya tells Portia to consider slowing things down with Jack. Albie brings Lucia along on his family car ride, putting both Lucia and Dom in an awkward position. On that road trip, Lucia sees Alessio following her, and she tells Albie it’s because she owes him money. Ethan has a tense confrontation with Cam about whether or not he’s been in his and Harper’s room.

Who is in The White Lotus Season 2’s cast?

Lucia is still hiding a lot from Albie.


The White Lotus Season 2 stars Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya, Jon Gries as Greg, Aubrey Plaza as Harper Spiller, Will Sharpe as Ethan Spiller, Meghann Fahey as Daphne Babcock, Theo James as Cameron Babcock, F. Murray Abraham as Bert Di Grasso, Michael Imperioli as Dominic Di Grasso, Adam DiMarco as Albie Di Grasso, Haley Lu Richardson as Portia, Sabrina Impacciatore as Valentina, Simona Tabasco as Lucia, and Beatrice Grannò as Mia, Tom Hollander as Quentin, and Leo Woodall as Jack.

What happened in The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4?

Tanya spends time with Quentin in Season 2 Episode 5.


In Season 2 Episode 5 of The White Lotus, “That’s Amore,” Ethan finally comes clean to Harper about what happened the night she was away, as she left the open condom wrapper on the bathroom sink for him to find. He truthfully tells her that they partied with the Italian hookers, he didn’t cheat, and it was Cameron who used the condom. Even with this information, Harper doesn’t fully believe him, and her trust is shattered. With all of this new dirt on her vacation adversary, Harper quickly agrees to Cam’s suggestion for them all to visit a winery together. Cameron begins to suspect that Ethan spilled the truth. Cam also runs into Lucia at the resort again. She demands the rest of her money, but Cameron says he doesn’t have it, which leaves viewers wondering if he is actually as wealthy as he says he is.

It turns out, when Lucia went up to Albie’s room the night before, she was intending it to be part of her job. However, Albie says he doesn’t have enough to pay her right now. Lucia says if she doesn’t get the money, she’ll have to deal with a mean man on her case about it. When Albie tells his dad he needs to go to the bank to pull out cash, Dominic catches on and begs Lucia not to tell his son about him. Later on, Dom advises Albie to stay away from Lucia, but he can’t say why. Bert then blurts out that she’s a call girl, which leads to a conversation with intergenerational viewpoints on the subject, but nothing is revealed about Dom and Lucia’s relationship.

At the wine tasting, Harper presses Cameron and Ethan’s buttons, asking about their sexual histories in college. Ethan says Cam had a history of sleeping with the girls he liked, thus showing a bad case of mimetic desire. Harper then asks if they have ever seen each other do it, to which Cameron says probably, given that they were roommates. Harper makes a subtle comment that tips off Cam to the fact that she knows what he did with Lucia.

Portia and Tanya take Quentin’s offer to stay with him in Palermo. Tanya reflects on her misfortune in love and says she’s used to people taking advantage of her. However, she thinks this won’t be the case with Quentin, because at least she knows he’s rich. In Palermo, Quentin takes Tanya to see Madama Butterfly at the opera, and Jack takes Portia around town. They grab dinner together, but Jack has forgotten his wallet, so they dine and dash — and Portia is, of course, living for the thrill. Before returning to their room, Jack says he has to go do something for his uncle, Quentin.

Albie and Lucia spend the day together, and it seems like they have a genuine connection. However, at one point, while strolling the town, Lucia gets pulled aside by a mysterious man, named Alessio. He handles her quite roughly and it’s revealed that this is who she owes money (or so she says).

Back at the resort at dinner, Cam asks Harper about her sexual escapades and puts his hand on her leg under the table, which she quickly brushes away. When Ethan and Cameron go to get cigars, Harper asks Daphne if she thinks the boys are lying about their night alone. Daphne says not to worry, and if anything did happen, she should just do what’s best for her in turn. She tells Harper about a blonde, blue-eyed personal trainer who she spends time with at home, since Cam is often at work, and when she goes to show Harper a photo of him on her phone, she “accidentally” shows a photo of her kid instead — who has blonde hair and blue eyes. This begs the question: Are the kids not Cameron’s?

Meanwhile, Mia has finally pushed enough to play the piano and sing at the hotel during dinner time, getting her way after realizing that Valentina is most likely gay and using that to her advantage. As she sings “That’s Amore,” we see a montage of the guests: Harper and Cam seductively smoking together, Dom calling his wife with no answer, and Albie sleeping with Lucia. Back in Palermo, Tanya wakes up from her sleep and wanders the mansion. When she opens a set of doors, she sees the big shock of the episode: Quentin and his “nephew” Jack engaging physically.

Will there be a White Lotus Season 3?

Yes, HBO and show creator Mike White announced that The White Lotus has been renewed for a Season 3. The third season will probably take viewers to a different exotic locale as the setting for new holiday drama, but until then, there is plenty left to unfold in Sicily.

Tune in to HBO and HBO Max for the final two episodes of Season 2, which air each Sunday night.

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