The movie moments of the 2010s that changed Hollywood VFX

The visual effects artists of 'Alita: Battle Angel,' 'Captain Marvel,' and more weigh in on the last decade.

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The second decade of the 21st century saw Hollywood visual effects evolve at light speed. It was when CGI characters became as real as people; when silver screen vets could look twenty years young again; and when those who left us came back for impossible moments. Beginning with James Cameron's Avatar throwing down the gauntlet in 2009, the 2010s proved seeing really is believing.

But now that it's 2020, it begs the question: How did we get here?

In conversations with VFX artists whose credits include Captain Marvel, Alita: Battle Angel, The Hobbit, King Kong, Tron: Legacy, Power Rangers, The Avengers, Mary Poppins Returns, Edge of Tomorrow, and more, these are the defining VFX moments of the past ten years according to the industry’s leading professionals.