It's gon' be Carnage

Venom 2 set leak teases a violent ending for the film's villain

Is someone fated to die?

Ever since Venom’s post-credits scene teased the arrival of Carnage, fans have been wondering how big of a role he would play in the sequel. Back in November, Tom Hardy slyly teased the character's return in Venom 2 after posting fan art of Venom and Carnage’s masks on Instagram. Now, leaked footage from the set of Venom 2 may have unintentionally revealed the villain’s violent fate.

Potential spoilers ahead for Venom 2.

Filming is currently underway for Venom 2 and a leaked set video (via Reddit) reveals Woody Harrelson as Carnage and hints at the outcome of the supervillain’s nefarious plans. In the video, Cletus Kasady stands behind a red convertible. A police officer approaches from behind and stops several feet in front of him on the street. With a gun pointed directly at Cletus, the cop shouts for the villain to put his hands on his head.

Cletus starts to do as he’s told, in a very theatrical fashion, of course. Before he can get his hands all the way up in the air, the cop shoots Cletus, seemingly killing him. Yet Cletus never falls to the ground. He simply stands rigid while the bullets are fired.

Cletus Kasady, and his bad hair, in the 'Venom' post-credits scene.


Carnage is an extraterrestrial parasite capable of warding off bullets. In the comics, he's stronger than Venom, so it's possible Cletus isn’t dead at all but saved by Carnage taking over his body. We know that symbiotes like Venom and Carnage can control their hosts and protect them from harm.

Though it’s hard to be sure how this footage will be used in the final version of the film, we're guessing Cletus will survive this incident. While Carnage was teased at the end of Venom, the set video offered the first real look at the villain. Hardy posted an image of Harrelson as Cletus to Instagram around the time outdoor filming was happening. Hardy quickly deleted the photo, but not before screenshots could be taken. Check out Harrelson's new look below.

Tom Hardy posted, then deleted, a sneak peek at Cletus.

In the comics, Carnage is Venom’s symbiotic offspring, left behind in a prison cell to bond with Cletus. Carnage’s connection to him is similar to the one between Venom and Eddie Brock. Carnage has used a variety of characters as hosts, including Norman Osborn and Fantastic Four’s Silver Surfer.

Since Cletus is a known serial killer, his connection with Carnage is much stronger and more violent than the link between Venom and Eddie, making the supervillain a formidable foe. It’s unclear whether or not Cletus will actually die for good in Venom 2, but chances are he’ll be wreaking plenty of havoc before the movie’s end, no matter his fate.

Venom 2 will hit theaters October 2.

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