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Amazon’s Latest Time-Travel Show Is Also An Epic Revenge Saga

Hate your deadbeat husband? Just travel through time.

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Time travel is a classic plot device for a reason. Everyone wishes they could use hindsight to make smarter decisions, undo something they regret, or even take a second crack at their entire life. But we can’t do that, so we watch fictional characters use DeLoreans, phone booths, and hot tubs to explore the space-time continuum instead.

While time travel is used in all sorts of genres, its application in romance is unique. If you can go back and fix regrets, the one who got away (or the one you never should have been with at all) is sure to be on the top of the list. Those ideas are explored in a new time-travel series on Prime Video that combines sci-fi and K-drama in the best possible way.

Marry My Husband, based on the webtoon of the same name, is the story of Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young), a woman dying of cancer who comes home to discover her best friend and husband having an affair. She’s unintentionally murdered in the scuffle that follows, only to wake up in 2013 and discover she has a second shot at the last decade. Naturally, this means she can get revenge on her then-boyfriend and her best friend before they ever betray her.

But a time-travel story is only as good as the rules involved, and this series uses a conceit perfect for a K-drama plot. As Ji-won attempts to avoid little problems like a spilled cup of tea, she learns she can’t eliminate the bad things that happened to her in the past; she can only cause them to happen to someone else. That makes her mission clear: She needs to get her best friend to marry her future husband and deal with the deadbeat so she doesn’t have to.

What follows is a classic revenge plot full of schemes, secrets, and betrayal. Further complicating the drama is Ji-won’s boss, Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo). She knows he’ll go on to run the entire company, so when he shows a special interest in her work, she’s both intrigued by the possibilities of getting to know him and afraid of getting distracted from her plan. Little does she know that Ji-hyuk harbors his own secrets.

Even amid a complex time-travel plot, Marry My Husband makes time for swoon-worthy romance.

Prime Video

Marry My Husband offers clever time-travel plotting, as Ji-won uses knowledge of the future to make her past life better, but it also features all the hallmarks of a good K-drama: makeovers, flashbacks, and grand romantic gestures. While only six of the 16 episodes are out, the series is delivering on every level, and its two-episode-a-week release format means there’s never a long wait for more.

So whether you’re a Korean TV novice or an old pro, Marry My Husband earns its spot beside other great time-travel romances like About Time and The Time Traveler’s Wife. And who doesn’t love a little revenge with their romance?

Marry My Husband is streaming on Prime Video.

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