The Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits Scene Teases a Beloved Character

Will The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 venture to Dinosaur Land?

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie rounds up everyone from Nintendo’s universe for their first big-screen adventure in decades. Well, almost everyone.

While Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Donkey Kong pack the frame of the animated feature, The Super Mario Bros. Movie doesn’t include everyone. But the movie’s credits tease one of them making their arrival, with the obvious promise of having a bigger role in the sequel. But who keeps their debut in the end credits? And what does their arrival hint about The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2?

Below, we break down the two credits scenes of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, especially the post-credits that return deep underground to find a certain egg that’s about to hatch...

Warning: Spoilers for The Super Mario Bros. Movie ahead.

What is the mid-credits scene of The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

The mid-credits of The Super Mario Bros. Movie doesn’t tease any new characters. However, it’s still a blast if you’re a fan of Bowser’s voice actor, Jack Black. (And who isn’t?)

The famed actor, comedian, and Tenacious D front man uses his unholy charisma to maximum effect in his role as Bowser, Mario’s arch-nemesis. Because it’s Jack Black, one of Bowser’s past times is singing love songs about Peach (voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy).

The mid-credits revisits an imprisoned Bowser, who is shrunk down to size after ingesting a poison mushroom. With nothing else to do, Bowser is left singing his songs to himself until he’s ordered to shut up by Peach’s guardsmen.

That’s it for the mid-credits. But it’s in the post-credits, someone new awaits.

Who appears in the end credits scene of The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

When the credits finish rolling on Super Mario Bros., the movie brings audiences back to the underground sewers that sucked up Mario and Luigi into the Mushroom Kingdom. The explosion of the portal has left some debris from the Mushroom Kingdom behind and scattered about, including a white dinosaur egg with green spots.

In what is clearly an homage to Jurassic Park, the end of Mario Bros. shows the egg beginning to hatch before the screen cuts to black with a cute voice saying “Yoshi!”

That’s right: Yoshi takes the spotlight in the post-credits of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, with the obvious intention that Yoshi will play a bigger role in the sequel.

Yoshi makes his first-ever appearance in the 1990/1991 game Super Mario World, released for the Super NES. Unity

Who is Yoshi?

Nintendo fans need no introduction, but for the rest of us: Yoshi is a green dinosaur, a cross between a T-rex and a raptor, whose species originate on Yoshi’s Island. Introduced in the 1990/1991 hit Super Mario World for Super Nintendo, Yoshi is a faithful sidekick who lets Mario ride on his back and reach places Mario physically cannot on his own.

In Japanese, his name roughly translates to “good luck.” While there are no origin stories from creator Shigeru Miyamoto about naming him, Console Wars author Blake J. Harris unearthed Nintendo’s archives in 2014 to reveal Yoshi’s full name is “Yoshi T. Munchakoopas.”

As far as Yoshi’s existence goes, Miyamoto wished to include Yoshi as early as the first Super Mario Bros. for the NES, but technical limitations prevented him. With the more powerful Super NES, Miyamoto was able to feature Yoshi in the blockbuster Super Mario sequel.

Yoshi is an icon among Nintendo fans renowned for his cuteness and his unwavering loyalty to Mario despite the fact Mario straight up ditches Yoshi mid-air. Since his debut in Super Mario World, Yoshi has joined Mario in everything else, from Mario Kart to Mario Party to Mario Tennis, to beating the crap out of him (probably payback) in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Since debuting in Super Mario World 30 years ago, Yoshi has become an attraction of his own to spawn his own franchise of video games. He’s also a fixture in most Mario titles, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that features a track on Yoshi’s Island.


What Yoshi Means for The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2

Strictly speaking, The Super Mario Bros. Movie isn’t an adaptation of any single Mario game even if the plot more or less plays out like Super Mario Bros. With Yoshi set to join the next movie, it’s probable The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 (or The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel?) will take inspiration from Super Mario World and bring the action to Dinosaur Land, with Mario learning to rely on Yoshi.

But getting Yoshi to the big screen depends on enough Nintendo fans flocking to theaters to see The Super Mario Bros. Movie. For now, Yoshi fans will have to wait if their favorite jumps to the big screen.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now playing in theaters.

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