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The Most Underrated Superman Show Just Got a Second Season

It's time to take flight.

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Some superheroes have been around for so long that it's hard to find new ways to tell stories about them. How do you reinvent a character like Superman, who’s so well-known and has been explored so extensively on page and screen? Some creators have met that challenge in recent years, but it’s a daunting one.

No one would argue that My Adventures with Superman completely reinvents the Last Son of Krypton, but the animated series still manages to feel vibrant and refreshing. It debuted on Adult Swim and Max in 2023 with 10 bright, colorful, and endlessly rewatchable episodes, but despite strong reviews, it flew under the radar. With Season 2 having just premiered, now’s the perfect opportunity to finally catch this supremely underrated superhero series.

Developed by Jake Wyatt, My Adventures with Superman follows Clark Kent (voiced by The Boys star Jack Quaid) as he makes a name for himself as the Man of Steel while also working his way up the ladder at Metropolis’ Daily Planet alongside Lois Lane (Alice Lee) and Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid). The series briefly touches on Clark's discovery of his powers, but it's less of an origin story and more of a Batman: Year One-esque exploration of an emerging superhero struggling to balance his new and dangerous double life.

This blend should prove attractive to DC fans. My Adventures with Superman has plenty of massive set pieces and midair fights, as well as time and space for Clark to reflect on his biological parents and home planet. At the same time, it juggles its biggest emotions and spectacles with enough lighthearted instances of humor and romance to make you want to keep coming back, if only to spend more time with these incarnations of Lois, Clark, and Jimmy.

The show is further elevated by its gorgeous animation style, which comes courtesy of South Korea's Studio Mir. The animation house is perhaps best known for its work on The Legend of Korra, but it's also the main studio behind noteworthy franchise installments like The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and the memorable Star Wars: Visions short "Journey to the Dark Head." Studio Mir’s work here is particularly impactful, though, because of how well the show's look matches the youthful exuberance of its story.

Plenty of dangerous villains and wacky adventures arrived in My Adventures with Superman Season 2.

Adult Swim

My Adventures with Superman's first season is a collection of adventures that build out the show's universe while entertainingly and endearingly bringing its central trio closer together. Now, its second season promises to expand by introducing important comic book figures like Lex Luthor and Supergirl. While My Adventures with Superman's future beyond its sophomore season is currently unclear, it's still given comic book fans more than enough reasons to check it out.

And they should. If they do, they'll find themselves immersed in a thoughtful and fun superhero show. When it comes to a character as iconic and beloved as Superman, you can’t really ask for more.

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is streaming on Max.

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