Star Wars Comic Con display reveals new Andor planet, droid, and more

Here’s what we learned about B2EMO at SDCC.

We still don't know much about the next Star Wars series Andor, but a display at San Diego Comic-Con has revealed a new planet called Aldhani, a new droid character named B2EMO, and more. Here’s everything you need to know.

Andor and B2EMO

The most important part of almost any Star Wars story is the droids, whether that’s RD-D2 and C-3PO in the original trilogy, BB-8 in the sequels, or Chopper in Star Wars Rebels. Thankfully, Andor is no exception. We’ve known for a little while that the Rogue One spinoff would feature a droid named B2EMO, but the official display at San Diego Comic-Con reveals a whole lot more.

B2EMO in Andor at San Diego Comic-Con.


Here’s what it says on the placard next to the droid:

B2EMO — or Bee-two or more simply, Bee — is a very old and weary groundmech salvage assist unit that’s been towing scrap for the Andor family for ears. The droid has a wide array of mechanical tools and various capabilities to meet the functions required.

B2EMO was created by Neal Scanlan, who also worked on the sequel trilogy and Solo. Based on the description above, it sounds like he could be a crucial ally to Andor (Diego Luna) despite seeming like a pretty innocuous droid on the surface.

Andor and “Aldhani”

As for Cassian Andor himself, we also got a look at his new outfit at SDCC, along with a placard that reveals some interesting new info.

Andor in Andor.

As part of his entry into the growing rebellion, Cassian Andor must undertake a dangerous mission on Aldhani.

It seems like the premise of the series involves a mission to the planet Aldhani, but as far as we can tell that’s a new invention in Star Wars canon. So we have no idea what kind of planet it might be or what the Rebellion needs Andor to do there.

Mon Mothma

Finally, Mon Mothma of Return of the Jedi fame returns in Andor, played again here by Genevieve O'Reilly (Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One).

Mon Motha in Andor.

The Imperial Senator from Chandrila, Mon Mothma carefully navigates the dangerous shadows of Coruscant politics in her efforts to build a rebellion.

Nothing new to report there, but it is nice to see that Mothma will apparently play a major role in Andor — or at least one big enough to get her costume onstage next to Cassian and B2EMO.

Andor premieres August 31 on Disney+.

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