Here's exactly when to watch Picard Episode 6

Picard knows where Soji is, but he's not gonna like going there.

On last week's episode of Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc and his new crew arrived at Freecloud, in search of Data's elusive former pen-pal Bruce Maddox. Unfortunately, Deanna Troi-lookalike Bjayzl and her group of space gangsters dealt quite harshly with the exiled scientist. (Though perhaps not quite as harshly as Dr. Jurati, who put an end to her former lover for reasons we're still not totally clear on.) We also got to enjoy Seven of Nine kicking bucketsful of ass at the end of the episode, when she returned to Freecloud to extract her bloody revenge, Kill Bill style.

Wondering when you can tune in to Picard episode 6, "The Impossible Box"? We've got you covered.

What to expect from Picard Episode 6, "The Impossible Box"

We've officially crossed the halfway mark for the first season of Picard. (Yep, we already know there's going to be a second, so it's pretty safe to say Jean-Luc will survive his android detective adventures.) So it's high time that all our far-flung characters and storylines start weaving together.

Soji and her creepy toyboy.

Trae Patton/CBS

Here's the official synopsis for "The Impossible Box," courtesy of CBS:

Picard and the crew track Soji to the Borg cube in Romulan space, resurfacing haunting memories for Picard. Meanwhile, Narek believes he finally found a way to safely exploit Soji for information.

It seems as though Jean-Luc will finally cross paths with Data's second "daughter," but he's probably going to have to confront some deeply unpleasant memories about his stint as Locutus of Borg along the way. Will we learn more about Seven's adventures with the Fenris Rangers? Will we finally see more of Riker and Troi (and maybe other Next Generation alums) as the season teaser promised? That remains to be seen.

When are new episodes of Picard uploaded to CBS All Access?

In the United States, CBS All Access releases new episodes of Picard at 3 a.m. Eastern on Thursday mornings. If you're on the West Coast, you're in luck: new content arrives on the platform at midnight local time, so you can catch "The Impossible Box" late Wednesday night.

Rios and Raffi have a spirited chat in "The Impossible Box."

Trae Patton/CBS

If you haven't checked out Picard yet, and are on the fence about subscribing to yet another streaming service, you can watch the first episode free on the CBS official site. Beyond that, the service offers a one-week free trial period. If you choose to keep your subscription going longer than a week, you'll pay $5.99 per month for shows with advertisements, and $9.99 monthly for commercial-free access to CBS programming.

If you're watching Star Trek: Picard from outside the U.S., new episodes will be uploaded to Amazon Prime Video each Friday.

Star Trek: Picard airs Thursdays on CBS All Access.

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