Wake up, Neo...

Matrix 4 leaked set videos may reveal a huge twist in the mysterious sequel

It's a reality within a reality. Maybe.

It’s been over two decades since The Matrix upended sci-fi genre expectations to become a cultural phenomenon. While the ending of The Matrix Revolutions (the third film in the trilogy) implied that the Matrix no longer exists, a Matrix 4 set leak reunites Neo and Trinity and proves that the Matrix may still be around after all.

When Matrix 4 was announced, fans of the successful franchise pondered how the story would move forward. After all, The Matrix Revolutions saw the demise of Carrie-Ann Moss’ Trinity and Keanu Reeves’ Neo, but they both seem to be alive and well in the fourth film. However, new set photos and footage indicate things might not be what they seem and hints at a key element that may reveal another virtual reality.

The Matrix 4 is currently filming and a leaked set video (via Twitter) showcases Reeves and Moss performing a stunt sequence. The pair are riding a motorcycle down the streets of San Francisco, looking pensive. Trinity is in the driver’s seat and Neo stands behind her, his hands on her shoulders as they both look straight ahead. It’s all very dramatic.

Time has passed for Neo and Trinity.

Warner Bros.

Another, even more exciting Matrix 4 video, which leaked over the weekend, shows the dynamic duo jumping off a tall building and then hanging mid-air. This seems like a pretty clear confirmation that we're still in the Matrix. After all, why else would Neo and Trinity leap off a building and expect anything else but death?

While plot details are scarce, it’s possible that Neo and Trinity are back inside the Matrix. Perhaps this is another reboot of the virtual reality system, or even a previous incarnation of the Matrix that the Architect was talking about back in Matrix Reloaded.

The Matrix franchise is nothing if not trippy, so it’s even possible that Neo and Trinity are not the original versions of the characters at all, but duplicates who never made it out or, conversely, were able to remain inside the Matrix somehow, perhaps to defeat a new internal threat. It wouldn’t be a Matrix film if they didn’t go back inside the Matrix, right?

Could 'Matrix 4' undo the last two sequels?

Warner Bros.

If Matrix 4 is headed back to the virtual reality world, it would certainly go a long way to explain how Neo and Trinity are still alive, as well as the confusing ending to The Matrix Revolutions. Regardless of what’s going on, though, it’s also clear that some time has passed.

While Matrix 4 is leaning into the aging of Neo and Trinity, it was reported that the film might cast a younger version of Morpheus, lending credence to the idea that the storyline might be a previous iteration of the Matrix, but one that’s possibly being hacked by Neo and Trinity.

Or, as one wild fan theory suggests, it’s John Wick who is actually inside the Matrix and not Neo. Stranger things have happened.

The Matrix 4 hits theaters on May 21, 2021.

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