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You need to watch this national treasure before he leaves Netflix this week

Now more than ever, escaping with this iconic, innovative artist is critical for your sanity.

TV shows come and go from Netflix all the time. With so many must-see movies and TV available to stream, you can't be expected to keep track of everything on any given month. That's where Inverse comes in. This week, there's only one iconic, national treasure of a human you need to watch on Netflix before his collection leaves on Saturday, May 30.

Here's why Beauty is Everywhere, Collection 1 is your required viewing for the week. We're talking about Bob Ross, the soothing, proto-ASMR genius. Read on to learn more about why you should consider bingeing nearly 12 hours of programming that will disappear from Netflix in a few short days.

This limited series is sort of a "best of" collection that was assembled by Netflix in 2016. It features works of art that were created in Ross's later years from 1991-1993. (Ross died in 1995 at age 52 from cancer.)

While the more than 400 episodes of his PBS series The Joy of Painting are on his Youtube channel, you can safely say some of the best are curated in this collection.

The episode titles in this collection let you know exactly the sort of natural themes you're getting into:

"Cliffside," "Wilderness Cabin," "Valley View, Dimensions," "Deep Wilderness Home," "Change of Seasons," "Pastel Seascape," "Wintertime Blues," "Serenity," "Silent Forest," "Frosty Winter Morn," "Royal Majesty," "Winter Paradise," "Mountain Ridge Lake," "Tranquil Dawn," "Frozen Beauty in Vignette," "Days Gone By," "Winter Bliss," "Mountain Rhapsody," "Forest Edge," "The Old Oak Tree," "Crimson Tide," "Cabin at Trail's End," "Autumn Fantasy," "Country Creek," and "Haven in the Valley."

The most relevant episode for our current chaotic moment has to be "Serenity," which begins with Ross showing a near-black tree trunk rising against a lavender sky:

The beginning.

Eventually, the borders of his typical 18" x 24" canvas are shaded in with green shrubbery. A stream flows from the base of the tree, and it flows right off the bottom edge of the canvas.

In using his "wet-on-wet" oil painting technique, the colors blend in characteristic style.

The only thing this finished work art (see below) needs is a Hobbit or two.

"It's like magic happens. It will excite your friends and family, whoever's watching this," Ross says in "Serenity," the episode that first aired on September 26, 1990.

As Ross softens the colors of his forest scene in this episode, we witness his understated but incredible style.

As Netflix correctly declared in 2016, when the series was added tot he streaming platform: "His teachings are eternal. His hair is immovable. He is Bob Ross." Preach.

"Let's get crazy, what the heck."

You can stream Beauty is Everywhere on Netflix.

If you happen to be reading this after May 30, fret not: A second package of The Joy of Painting episodes still remain on Netflix. Chill with Bob Ross will be available on the streaming platform at least through June 2020.

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