Will there be a Joker 2? Release and casting rumors for the Joaquin Phoenix sequel

When will we see Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker again?

The Joker might have felt ignored and dismissed, but his 2019 film certainly wasn’t. Director Todd Phillips offered a new spin on the villain’s origin story that riveted audiences worldwide and earned several Oscar nominations, including a Best Actor win for Joaquin Phoenix. Considering Joker’s incredible box office earnings and awards success, it makes sense that a sequel will be on everyone’s minds.

While more than a couple of years have passed since Phoenix’s Joker unleashed his signature chaos on Gotham City, Joker 2 may still be a real possibility. Here’s everything we know about the highly anticipated sequel.

Major spoilers for Joker and The Batman ahead.

Is Joker 2 confirmed?

Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for his performance in Joker.Warner Bros.

Joker 2 does not have an official greenlight. While the sequel has been rumored to be in development for quite a while, Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the project.

In January 2022, a report from Heroic Hollywood says a studio insider told them that Warner Bros. received a draft of the Joker 2 script and is making plans to begin production sometime in 2023. The script in question was likely written by the first film’s writer and director Todd Phillips. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in May 2021, Phillips made a deal to write the sequel.

If these rumors are true and the studio likes Phillips’ script, it’s likely the project will be officially announced sometime in 2022.

When will Joker 2 come out in theaters?

Since Warner Bros. hasn’t greenlit the sequel, Joker 2 does not have a premiere date. If WB begins filming Joker 2 in 2023, as the rumors suggest, we should expect the movie to come out sometime in 2024 or later.

A 2024 release would mean the sequel will be coming out five years after the first film, which coincidentally mirrors The Batman producers’ plans for their respective sequel.

Does Joker 2 have a trailer?

Joker 2 does not have a trailer, as the studio has not yet confirmed the movie. Until the sequel is announced, you can rewatch the Joker trailer below.

Who is in the Joker 2 cast?

Joker 2 will likely see the return of Joaquin Phoenix in his Oscar-winning role as the titular character. Phoenix has expressed interest in playing the Joker again but hopes to do it under the right circumstances. If Todd Phillips returns to helm the sequel, perhaps that will persuade Phoenix to reteam with the writer-director to make Joker 2.

While many of the supporting characters from Joker met an untimely demise, we can expect the movie to feature plenty of new faces and some familiar DC characters, possibly even a young Bruce Wayne.

What is the Joker 2 plot?

Joaquin Phoenix is expected to return for Joker 2.Warner Bros.

The first film was meant to be a standalone origin story that shed new light on one of the most iconic villains of all time. Joker painted a pained but complex portrait of the character, with much thanks to Phoenix’s dedicated performance. With that said, the movie’s open ending gives the story room to expand the world it established. There are many different narratives Joker 2 can explore, and because details are scarce about the project, it’s hard to predict where Phillips may take the story next.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is still putting the Joker in action with different actors portraying the antagonist in other DC universes, like Jared Leto’s version of the character in Suicide Squad and Barry Keoghan’s recent iteration in The Batman. It may seem confusing as these movies were released not too far apart and set out to tell distinct stories about the same character. Where Phoenix’s Joker fits in all this might not matter, but it will be certainly interesting to see how this particular film series will continue to reimagine the villain.

Joker 2 is not yet confirmed.

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