Devs release date, trailer, cast of Alex Garland's chilling sci-fi show

The series finds Nick Offerman at the center of a mind-boggling conspiracy.

Devs marks Alex Garland’s television debut and the upcoming drama will delve into a mystery centered on advanced technology's effects on mankind. The imaginative writer-director behind Ex Machina and Annihilation, Garland's next foray into sci-fi looks trippy.

Garland conceived and wrote the series long before it went into production. With a cast led by Nick Offerman, Devs aims to be both chilling and thought-provoking. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming series:

When does Devs come out?

Devs is scheduled to premiere its first two episodes on Thursday, March 5. The remaining episodes will be available to watch on a weekly basis.

Sonoya Mizuno stars as Lily Chan in 'Devs'.FX/Hulu

Where can I watch Devs?

The series was originally set to air on FX. However, plans changed and Devs will now be available to watch on Hulu, following the announcement of the “FX on Hulu” initiative created by Disney in November 2019. That means that all of FX’s original series will be on Hulu from now on. Devs is the first FX-produced show to launch on the streaming service.

How many episodes does Devs have and will there be more than one season?

Devs is a limited series, which means there are currently no plans to renew the show beyond its eight-episode run. Garland is already writing his next TV series, which won’t be based in sci-fi and will explore "civil disobedience."

Nick Offerman's take on Forest is a far cry from Ron Swanson.FX/Hulu

Who is in the cast of Devs?

Offerman, most famous for playing Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, stars alongside Sonoya Mizuno. Offerman plays Forest, the CEO of a cutting-edge, yet mysterious tech company called Amaya. Mizuno plays Lily Chan, a computer engineer who finds herself in the midst of a conspiracy.

Offerman recently spoke with Inverse and said the role was “just incredible.”

The cast also includes Allison Pill, Karl Glusman, Cailee Spaeny, Zach Grenier, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Jin Ha.

What is the plot of Devs about?

The series follows Lily's investigation into the apparent suicide of her boyfriend. Eventually, her detective work leads her straight to Amaya CEO Forest, who leads a company division called Devs, which is tasked with working on a secret quantum physics project.

Since it’s an Alex Garland production, expect Devs to include subversive commentary about the ethics of technology and free will. Garland spent 15 years researching Devs.

During the panel at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour (via Syfy), Garland conceded that philosophical arguments about technology are “irrevocably complicated” and “can’t be reduced to sound bites. But I don’t want to reduce the truth of the thing. Doing that is a real disservice, by making real things false.”

It seems Garland intends to let viewers parse through these thorny issues for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions about Devs.

Is there a trailer for the FX on Hulu series?

Yes, there is! The first trailer dropped a couple of weeks ago. “What is Devs?” seems to be the imperative question posed in the chilling trailer, which you can watch below.

Devs premieres on Thursday, March 5 on FX on Hulu.

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