DCEU leaks claim Zack Snyder is making a Justice League “Knightmare” series

Sketchy leaks on Reddit alludes to a lot of amazing things in the DCEU. Can they be trusted?

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Unlike The Flash, none of us can time travel into the future of the DC Universe. However, Reddit is always a place to guess about the future, even if the sources there aren’t always reliable.

A new batch of “leaks” from the DC Extended Universe should have fans excited, even if there’s no way of proving a single word of them. They are, if nothing else, a lot of fun to talk about.

What Happened? — On February 21 in the Reddit forum r/DCspoilers, user u/Jet-Jules849 translated seven tidbits from Box Office Mexico about the supposed future of the DCEU.

The info mainly involves cameo appearances and the status quo of the DCEU’s Justice League roster. One claim, however, alludes to the return of Zack Snyder for a new DC project.

Here’s a breakdown of the seven leaks.

Seven leaks. Seven Justice League members. Coincidence? Yes.

  1. Henry Cavill “WILL” be in The Flash, using “a mix of old and NEW scenes” filmed in the summer of 2021. u/Jet-Jules849 claims that Instagram photos of Henry Cavill flying between the UK and the U.S. supports this leak.
  2. The Flash will have a cameo of the “entire” Justice League. In addition to Cavill being back as Superman, Sasha Calle will join them as Supergirl. Calle has long been confirmed as Supergirl in The Flash, but the extent of her role has been unknown to anyone outside of the WB production.
  3. Martian Manhunter “will replace” Cyborg in The Flash, and Cyborg “won’t be mentioned at all.” This likely stems from ongoing tensions between actor Ray Fisher and WarnerMedia, in which Fisher has accused WarnerMedia of racially discriminatory actions during the Joss Whedon-helmed reshoots of 2017’s Justice League. In January 2021, Ray Fisher was written out of The Flash, a movie where he was meant to reprise his role of Cyborg.
  4. Michael Keaton’s Batman will cameo in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the upcoming sequel to 2018’s surprise blockbuster hit Aquaman. u/Jet-Jules849 writes that the movie’s post-credits scene is supposed to link the movie “to the new DCEU,” which further confirms that 2022’s The Flash will rewrite the entire DCEU canon from scratch.
  5. “There are talks” for Zack Snyder to return and helm a ten-episode miniseries based on the “Knightmare” scenes in his DC films. The scenes, featured in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, were meant to lead up to a climactic story about the Justice League, but since Snyder’s departure from the franchise the story has been left untold.
  6. Batgirl, who will be played by Leslie Grace in an upcoming movie slated for HBO Max later this year, isn’t expected to appear in The Flash. However, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, who will have a major role in The Flash, “will appear in Batgirl.” u/Jet-Jules849 insists that Sasha Calle’s Instagram stories prove she’s in London, where production for Batgirl is underway.
  7. Lastly, u/Jet-Jules849 says that Ben Affleck’s Batman dies in The Flash, giving the actor a proper send-off.

The Lasso of Hestia compels you to tell the truth: Are these leaks real?


Lasso of Hestia — After reading all that, I don’t blame you for not believing a word of it. So much of it sounds too good to be true, especially the claim about Zack Snyder’s miniseries (Although Snyder has quietly teased something over the last few months).

What casts doubt on u/Jet-Jules849’s leaks is that they are allegedly also sourced from a second outlet that isn’t named. You can’t believe everything on the internet, especially when the root of the info is opaque.

Furthermore, u/Jet-Jules849 insists that actors sharing geotagged Instagram posts are proof. But are they? London is a major hub for all kinds of film and TV productions. Just because actors are in London at the same time a DC movie is being filmed, that doesn’t automatically mean they’re involved.

Some additional “proof” also don’t make sense. For example, the leaks claim Cavill flying to the U.S. in the summer of 2021 is proof he’s involved with The Flash. But Cavill lives in London, and production for The Flash took place in the UK. Why would Cavill need to fly to the U.S. to work on a British production?

I’d love for all these rumors to be true, but without confirmed sources it’s important to be skeptical.

According to new DCEU leaks, Ben Affleck bids an official farewell in this year’s The Flash.


The Inverse Analysis — As fun as these leaks sound, it’s inadvisable to put too much stock in them until trustworthy outlets can weigh in. Feel free to have fun imagining these leaks as possibilities. Just don’t get mad when you’re watching The Flash and Henry Cavill isn’t in it.

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