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Clone Wars "1313" reference teases a possible bounty hunter's comeback

A canceled Star Wars game and TV show might mean somebody big is coming.

In episode 5 of The Clone Wars, season 7, the narrative takes a sharp turn away from stories about the Bad Batch, Captain Rex, and the plight of Clone Troopers. Instead, we're finally getting back to, arguably, the best thing to come out of The Clone Wars: former Jedi apprentice, Ahoska Tano.

But, as we pick up Ahsoka's story from seven years ago, the setting of the newest Clone Wars could set the stage for the return of the most famous Bounty Hunter of them all.

Spoilers ahead for Clone Wars Season 7, "Without a Trace." Speculation follows, too.

Back in 2012, in the twilight before Lucasfilm became part of the Disney empire, a video game called Star Wars: 1313 was developed and even publicly announced. The plan was for this game to take place on platform 1313, a notoriously crime-infested part of the lower levels of the planet Courscant. The star of the game was set to be Boba Fett, and 1313 was always intended to be a mature Star Wars game, in the vibe of Grand Theft Auto.

But when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the videogame company LucasArts was shutdown and 1313 was canceled. The notion of platform 1313 did eventually become canon in previous Clone Wars episodes (like "The Wrong Jedi") but the truth is, we haven't spent a whole lot of time down there.

But, in the new episode, Ahsoka's post-Jedi life begins on platform 1313 and that means she'll be spending a lot of time down here. Which, could pave the way for... a teenage Boba Fet to come back!

Does this feel like a stretch? Not really.

Here are the dots to connect. First, 1313 was conceived with Boba Fett in mind. Second, angry teenage Boba Fett has appeared in The Clone Wars before, and we don't really know exactly what he was up to in-between the prequel era and the classic trilogy era. Third, everyone is hoping for some connectivity between this era of The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian.

Boba Fett wears the armor of the Mandalorians, but is not, explicitly, a Mandalorian. And yet, the signet of Mando's clan in The Mandalorian (including that necklace that Baby Yoda plays with) is specifically the same one Boba Fett had on his armor.

Let's get this guy a Clone War.


The Clone Wars happens right during the time where Mando's parents are killed by Battle Droids, and we know the Seige of Mandalore will be depicted at some point this season. We also know (from previously released Clone Wars synopses) that Ahsoka will play a huge role in the Seige of Mandalore.

Right now, at this point in Clone Wars season 7, it's all about seeing how she gets there. But, because she's on platform 1313, it feels like a very unique opportunity to bring Boba Fett back into the fold. If this part of Coruscant is as dangerous as we're led to believe, then it's only a matter of time before the scum and villainy of the galaxy pass through.

Because of its various elements (secret Jedi, the siege of Mandalore, et al.) The Clone Wars season 7 is a unique confluence of Star Wars canon. It has the ability to not only fill-out Ahsoka's backstory that results in what we've already seen in Rebels but also can clarify how the Mandalorians of The Clone Wars became the Mandalorians of The Mandalorian. And because Boba Fett is jetting around at this exact time, it seems like he'll blast back into the action at any moment. And this time, there will be plenty of disintegrations.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars drops new episodes on Disney+ on Fridays.

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